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    I like Halak, but he isn't a 65 game stopper. I've come around to this thinking. Price will be our #1 goalie.

    Carey Price has improved 1000% since last spring. He has snagged wins, just as Halak, in situations where we were badly outplayed. On the trading block, Price has contract issues teams will not bite on and the value in return would not be there. Halak is affordable and some team will offer up a top six. The issue could quickly become team chemistry. When Gionta returns and the Habs now have a third scoring line, what would we really gain by trading either goalie? Montreal could choke a team with Gomez's contract in order to obtain Halak. Now it is now no longer "Halak traded for...," but "Halak, player X, possbily Y" for more...

    Assuming that Gainey actually breaks form and makes a trade. Atlanta may be the team making goaltender swap and Montreal will be playing July 1 games. These next three are pretty big in terms of adding players to the team.

    Put four Habs fans in a room, ask them what they see and you'll hear "three idiots and me!" It is good the focus is on the net and not the play, which means we are winning.

    Rocket or Guy?
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