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    The Greatest Blue Jays Games

    hello jays fans.

    i've become a fan of this team myself over the years. more specifically around 04/05. i've always known of their existance but it's just within the last few years that i've become hardcore. i know we're at a low point in team history but i still cant quite keep myself away from this team. i understand that's it's going to be sometime until there is any real contention, but i do like what aa has done up to this point, considering the circumstances.

    even though i do not enjoy those flashback fridays (waste of resources and effort imo), i still find myself curious about the past of this team. i have spoken to some older fans about games that standout in their minds, to which have been described to me from their perspectives or which i have a vague recollection about but was too young remember or didn't care as much as i do now.

    i have compiled a list of these games in hope to one day be able to see them (or hear them if no video broadcast exists). my question to blue jays country is: is there any games that stand out the most in your minds that you would considered as being "the greatest blue jays games" ever? i would be curious about the delgado years or any of the early years. would anyone know how i would be able to get any of these games for my own veiwing pleasure?

    and yes, this thread was partly inspired by "the greatest halladay games" thread and articles floating around.

    the list thus far:
    Apr 7, 1977: 9-5 vs. the White Sox--The inaugural game

    June 26, 1978: 24-10 vs. the Orioles--The highest scoring game

    Sept 28, 1982: 3-0 vs. the Twins--Clancy's near-perfect game

    June 6, 1985: 2-0 vs. the Tigers--Key's near-no-hitter

    Aug 24, 1985: 6-3 vs. the White Sox--Steib's near-no-hitter

    Oct 5, 1985: 5-1 vs. the Yankees--The AL East clinching game

    Sept 14, 1987: 18-3 vs. The Orioles--The 10-homer run game

    Sept 24, 1988: 1-0 vs. the Indians--Steib's 2nd near-no-hitter

    Sept 30, 1988: 4-0 vs. the Orioles--Steib's 3rd near-no-hitter

    May 28, 1989: 7-5 vs. the White Sox--The final game at Exhibition Stadium with Bell 's walk-off homer

    June 4, 1989: 13-11 vs. the Red Sox--The 10-run comeback game

    Aug 4, 1989: 2-1 vs. the Yankees--Steib's 4th near-no-hitter

    Sept 29, 1989: 2-1 vs. the Orioles--The 11-inning must-win game

    Sept 30, 1989: 4-3 vs. the Orioles--The AL East clinching game

    Sept 2, 1990: 3-0 vs. the Indians--Steib's no-hitter

    July 9, 1991: 4-2 --'91 all-star game

    Oct 2, 1991: 6-5 vs. the Angels--The AL East clinching game

    Oct 11, 1992: 7-6 vs. the A's--ALCS game 4 with Alomar's 2-run homer off Eckersley in the 9th

    Oct 18, 1992: 5-4 vs. the Braves--WS game 2

    Oct 24, 1992: 4-3 vs. the Braves--WS game 6

    July 13, 1993: 9-3 --'93 all-star game

    Oct 20, 1993: 15-14 vs. the Phillies--WS game 4

    Oct 23, 1993: 8-6 vs. the Phillies--WS game 6 with Carter's walk-off homer

    June 6, 1995: 4-3 vs. the Rangers--Cones's near-no-hitter

    Aug 25, 1998: 3-0 vs. the Royals--Clemens's 18-K game

    Sept 27, 1998: 2-1 vs. the Tigers--Halladay's near-perfect game

    Sept 6, 2003: 1-0 vs. the Tigers--Halladay's 10-inning complete game

    Sept 25, 2003: 10-8 vs. the Devil Rays--Delgado's 4-homer game (and 300th career)

    Sept 27, 2003: 5-4 vs. the Indians--Halladay's 22nd win of the season

    July 28, 2005: 2-1 vs. the Angels--The 18-inning nail-biter

    June 24, 2007: 5-0 vs. the Rockies--McGowan's near-no-hitter

    May 12, 2009: 5-1 vs. the Yankees--The Halladay/Burnett game

    Sept 25, 2009: 5-0 vs. the Mariners--Halladay's final game in Toronto

    Aug 8, 2010: 1-0 vs. the Rays--Morrow's near-no-hitter & 17-K game

    Apr 5, 2012: 7-4 vs. the Indians--The 16-inning Season Opener (longest in MLB history)

    June 8, 2013: 4-3 vs. the Rangers--The 18-inning marathon

    Aug 10, 2014: 6-5 vs. the Tigers--The 19-inning epic

    Sept 30, 2015: 15-2 vs. the Orioles--The AL East clinching game

    Oct 14, 2015: 6-3 vs. the Rangers--ALDS game 5 with the weird 7th-inning topped by Bautista's homer

    Oct 4, 2016: 5-2 vs. the Orioles--The AL Wild Card Game with Edwin's walk-off homer

    Oct 9, 2016 7-6 vs. the Rangers--ALDS game 3
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