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    5 Players from another team that would benefit your team the most????


    Brees- We are in dire need for a QB I Like Grad but Bress would be ideal for our offense.

    Willis- We need a run stopper up the Middle he's the best IMO.

    Oher- He's a stud and would be a huge upgrade to our spotty O-Line.

    Andre Johnson- He would be our #1 that we've needed for a long time.

    Ware- We need an Agressive pash rusher to pressure the QB n take some pressure off our Secondary!!!!

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    I don't see the point of this thread. Of course if you could add 5 all pro's to a team it'd be great. If the thread was like take 5 players from one team and then add them to your favorite team to make it better. That'd be difficult and interesting but this just seems silly.

    For example of my idea. Take 5 Dolphins and add them to Green Bay.

    Polite-Stud fullback improves the run game
    Long and Carey- Stud tackles improve pass protection and run game
    Randy Starks- Great 3-4 dl to improve the dline
    Davis- Good young playmaking cb to improve nickel and dime packages

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    Jul 2009
    Richmond CA
    Brees - Need QB badly, we'll see if Smith is the answer next year

    Revis - Need a CB badly

    Oher - We have a horrible OL

    Ware - We have a weak *** pass rush

    Troy P - need secondary help

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    NY Jets: And I know some of mine might be different than most others--

    1) P Shane Lechler-- Field position is something that a lot of people don't talk about. Plus, the Jets have not had a consistent punter in years and it seems to be a revolving door. Lechler would put an end to that!

    2) OLB DeMarcus Ware-- For the same reasons you mentioned above. Someone to seriously rush the passer on a consistent basis.

    3) TE Dallas Clark-- While I like Keller, he is not consistent enough. Clark is consistent week in and week out.

    4) QB Peyton Manning-- The Jets have lost too many games due to spotty QB play. If the Jets have Manning, they beat Miami twice, Buffalo, Atlanta, and Jacksonville.

    5) DE Jared Allen-- The guy is a beast and would add some stability to the Jets defensive line.
    PSD's Muhammad Wilkerson!!!

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    Sep 2009
    my team needs 1 its peyton manning (or a grownup sanchez)

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    Meh I dont know enough about Olinemen but a LG and a RG cuz our oline cant block ****.

    Andre Johnson-True number 1 hester/knox/bennet would benefit a TON from

    Lockdown corner Revis/Nma(however you spell it)

    Jared Allen for that pass rush

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    Mar 2008

    1. Demarcus Ware OLB Cowboys - The Patriots are one of the worst in the league this year when it comes to getting pressure on opposing QB's and bringing them down. A pass rushing phenom like Ware would certainly boost the Patriots' pass rush and effectiveness against the run.

    2. Darrelle Revis CB Jets - Revis has been a lockdown corner since he came into the league. We saw what Peyton Manning and Drew Brees did to the Pats secondary and with a guy like Revis back there, I doubt they'd be able to duplicate that.

    3. Jared Allen DE Vikings - The Patriots are certainly feeling the loss of Richard Seymour this season and it's not hard to figure out why. This goes back to the pass rush and run defense which are clear weaknesses for the Pats. Allen has a motor that never stops and can wreak havoc on opposing QB's and RB's.

    4. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals - Could you imagine a team that had Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald split wide with Wes Welker in the slot? They'd be flat out unstoppable! The Patriots have had issues with consistency at the 3rd WR spot this year. Having Larry Fitz would certainly take care of that.

    5. Chris Johnson RB Titans - Laurence Maroney has been able to carry the load decently for the most part this season but New England lacks the dominant RB they haven't had since Corey Dillon. Johnson is the best RB in the league this season and behind the Pats O-Line, could shatter records.

    PSD Patriots Forum Hall Of Fame Class Of 2010

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    Asante Samuel/Darrelle Revis - Two shut down corners which pitt needs to help the defense.

    Chris Johnson- His explosive running makes give pitt a one two with mendenhal takeing a bunch of pressure off of big ben.

    Patrick Willis- He is what pittsburg is all about with woodley and harrison on the outside that makes our defense amazing.

    Joe Thomas- A big hog that the steelers need.

    with these players on our team i think we would be the best team in the nfl, but then again thats only what i think.

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    Jul 2009
    Ed Reed
    Darelle Revis
    Ryan Clady
    Patrick Willis
    Chris Johnson

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    Feb 2007
    West Side California
    Darell Revis-imagine him and Nnamdi
    Drew Brees-can help spread the offense
    Patrick Willis-can stop the run along with Kirk and Howard
    Jared Allen- Him And Seymour can put pressure
    Andre Johnson- Him Schillens Murphy and Bey can spread the field

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    Aug 2009
    Eugene, OR
    1. Jared Allen, huge need for a pass rush
    2. Demarcus Ware, makes plays and is an elite pass rusher.
    3. Darelle Revis, losing Asante Samuel has left a void at corner and people saw this on MNF, Revis is better than Samuel because people will not pass it to his side at all, best CB in NFL.
    4. Chris Johnson, what more do I have to say he is amazing and Maroney just keeps on fumbling on the goal line.
    5. Jason Witten or Dallas Clark, would love to have a tight end that can be a playmaker, Benjamin Watson has ability but doesn't seem to get open enough, Witten would take care of that and teams wouldn't be able to cheat on coverage against Welker or Moss as much.
    Patriots Forum Hall of Fame Class of 2011

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    Jul 2008




    Oher or Clady


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    Jul 2009
    AgrÃ*nio, Aitolia Kai Akarnania, Greece, Greece

    Peyton Manning
    Nhamdi Asomugha
    Shane Lechler
    Demarcus Ware
    Jared Allen

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    Aug 2007
    WR- Calvin Johnson
    CB- Revis

    Best team in NFL= bears with these players, easily.

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