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    Jun 2007
    Dallas - Felix Jones
    Washington - Santana Moss
    NYG - Hakeem Nicks
    Philadelphia - Desean Jackson
    Green Bay -AJ Hawk
    Minnesota - Jared Allen - total douche but a beast
    Detroit - Calvin Johnson- cant go wrong with megatron
    Chicago - Charles Tillman
    Carolina - Steve Smith
    Tampa Bay - meh
    New Orleans - Pierre Thomas
    Atlanta - Roddy White
    San Fransisco - can we pick a coach?
    Arizona - Boldin
    Seattle - Tatupu
    St. Louis - Stephen Jackson
    New England - Welker-so fun to watch
    NYJ - Thomas Jones-miss you
    Buffalo - Lynch
    Miami - Ronnie Brown
    Pittsburgh - Troy Polamalu
    Cincinnati - OchoCinco-used to hate him but has turned into a little more classy
    Cleveland- Cribbs
    Baltimore - Joe Flacco
    Indianapolis - Dwight Freeney
    Tennessee - Chris Johnson
    Houston - Andre Johnson
    Jacksonville - MJD
    San Diego - Vincent Jackson
    Denver - Ryan Clady
    Kansas City - Mike Brown-I miss you too
    Oakland - Jamarcus-just because he makes me laugh

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    Oct 2008
    Cowboys -Miles Austin
    Redskins - Portis
    Giants - Osi
    Eagles - Celek

    Packers -Rogers
    Vikings - Farve
    Lions - Culpeper
    Bears - Knox

    Panthers - Pepers
    Buccaneers -Barber
    Saints - Sharper
    Falcons -White

    49ers -V Davis
    Cardinals -Warner
    Seahawks -Curry
    Rams -Jackson

    Patriots - Welker
    Jets - Scott
    Bills -TO
    Dolphins - Porter

    Steelers - Big Ben
    Bengals - Ochocinco
    Browns -Quinn
    Ravens -Ray Ray

    Colts - Sanders
    Titans -CJ
    Texans - Johnson
    Jaguars -MJD

    Chargers -Sproles
    Broncos -Marshall
    Chiefs - Charles
    Raiders -DHB


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    db75 Guest
    Bears - Patrick Mannelly (seriously)
    Packers - Rodgers
    Vikings - Allen
    Lions - CJ
    Bucs - Cadillac
    Panthers - Beason
    Falcons - Ryan
    Saints - Brees
    Cowboys - Ware
    Giants - Jacobs
    Eagles - McNabb
    Cardinals - Dockett
    9ers - Willis
    Seahawks - Tatupu
    Rams - Jackson
    Patriots - Welker
    Jets - Revis
    Bills - Evans
    Dolphins - Long
    Steelers - Polamolu
    Bengals - 85
    Browns - Thomas
    Ravens - Ray
    Colts - Peyton
    Titans - CJ
    Texans - Mario
    Jaguars - Jones-Drew
    Chiefs - Jamaal Charles (thank you this year in Fantasy!
    Broncos - Champ
    Chargers - Rivers
    Raiders - Ndami Asohmugha (yeah, sp...I know)
    Redskins - Cooley

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    Jan 2009
    Canadian In Michigan.

    AFC East
    Jets: So hard to choose just one, Sanchez, Revis, Jenkins, Leon, Harris, TJ, Cotch, Mangold, Ellis. Pick one for me.
    Pats: Hard to pick one for another reason... . I'll go Wes, he's great and reminds me of Wayne Chrebet
    phins: Pennington... Obvious reason. I dont mind Fasano though either. Rest suck
    Bills: TO.

    AFC North
    Steelers: Polamalu is pretty cool, Dont mind Ben
    Bengals: Chad Johnson,
    Browns: Abe Elam, Dont mind Massiquao
    Ravens: Gotta love Ray Lewis, Ray Rice

    AFC South
    Colts: Anthony Gonzalez and Reggie Wayne
    Jaguars: MJD is awesome. Always liked him
    Texans: Owen Daniels= beast TE
    Titans: I like Vince but I think I'll go Keith Bulluck

    AFC West
    Broncos: Dumerville (sp?), Clady
    Raiders: Jamar.... Kirk Morrison
    Chargers: Respect LT, Rivers is cool,
    Chiefs: Bowe.


    NFC East
    Cowboys: Witten, Terrence Newman, Dont mind Romo, Ware
    Eagles: McNabb, Desean, Vick (not much of a fan now because of the way he is used) Westbrook
    Giants: Ahmad Bradshaw, Eli is ok, Osi, Tuck,
    Redskins: Haynesworth, Portis and Campbell is really underrated. Cooley is great.

    NFC West
    Cardinals: Larry Fitz hands down
    St Louis: Jackson
    Seattle: Tatapu
    49ers: Willis

    NFC South:

    Falcons: I hate them right now but Gonzalez is great, Turner is fun to watch
    Saints: Drew Brees, J Vilma
    Panthers: Beason
    Bucs: Really like Rudd, Freeman looks like he has potential

    NFC North
    Packers: Like Aaron Rodgers a lot, always liked Al Harris, and Nick Barnett
    Vikings: BRETT FAVRE (MADDEN ORGASAM)... Favorite player has to go to Percy Harvin actually.
    Bears: Urlacher... Always respected him
    Lions: Stafford, Grady Jackson, Kevin Smith

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    Aug 2009
    The Third Heaven
    Dallas- Romo/F. Jones/Barber
    Wash- Campbell/Haynesworth
    NYG- Bradshaw
    Philly- McNaab/Westbrooks
    GB- Rogers/Driver/Jennings/Grant
    Minn- Petterson
    Det- Calvin
    Chi- Hester
    Car- Smith/Deangelo
    TB- Cadillac
    NO- Brees
    Atl- Ryan/Abraham/Turner
    SF- Hill/Gore/Davis
    Ari- Warner/Fitzgerald
    Sea- Hasselbeck
    StL- Steven Jackson
    NE- Moss/Brady
    NYJ- Jenkins/T.Jones
    Buf- Edwards/Lynch/Owens
    Mia- Ricky Williams
    Pit- Roethlisberger
    Cin- Ocho
    Cle- Cribbs/J.Harrison/Rogers
    Bal- Rice/Lewis/Mason/Flacco
    Ind- Peyton/Freeney
    Ten- Young/C.Johnson/Collins
    Hou- Schaub/Johnson/Daniels/M. Williams
    Jac- Garrard/Drew
    SD- Rivers/Sproles/Jackson
    Den- Orton/Marshall
    KC- Tyson Jackson
    Oak- C.Johnson/Bush
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    Jun 2007
    Low Budgetville, NY
    Dallas - Jason Witten
    Washington - Quinton Ganther!!! (even though Fred Davis saved my fantasy team from playoff elimination)
    NYG - Mario Manningham
    Philadelphia - Jeremy Maclin or Jason Avant
    Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers
    Minnesota - Steve Hutchinson
    Detroit - Louis Delmas
    Chicago - Earl Bennett
    Carolina - Jon Beason (even though I think Captain Munnerlyn has a GREAT name!)
    Tampa Bay - Tanard Jackson
    New Orleans - Will Smith or Darren Sharper
    Atlanta - Roddy White
    San Fransisco - Patrick Willis
    Arizona - Adrian Wilson or Karlos Dansby
    Seattle - Justin Forsett
    St. Louis - Stephen Jackson or James "Little Animal" Laurinaitis
    New England - Wes Welker
    NYJ - Darrelle Revis (he took Cotchery's place)
    Buffalo - Terrence McGee
    Miami - Chad Henne and Jake Long
    Pittsburgh - LaMarr Woodley
    Cincinnati - Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph
    Cleveland- Josh Cribbs
    Baltimore - Derrick Mason
    Indianapolis - Reggie Wayne
    Tennessee - All...especially Cortland Finnegan
    Houston - Andre Johnson
    Jacksonville - I guess Mike Sims-Walker
    San Diego - Eric Weddle
    Denver - D.J. Williams or Eddie Royal
    Kansas City - Chris Chambers
    Oakland - Kirk Morrison

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    Jul 2009
    Richmond CA
    Quote Originally Posted by fins08 View Post

    It was Joey Haynos!!!!!
    I say this with a passion because he has his own Youtube song, that came about when he beat Roman!
    no that's not the was this forward to 22 secs

    it was David Martin lmao

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    Oct 2008
    Cowboys -Ware
    Redskins - Fletcher
    Giants - Osi
    Eagles - McNAbb

    Packers -Grant
    Vikings - Allen
    Lions - Stafford
    Bears - Urlacer

    Panthers - Pepers
    Buccaneers -Cadilac Williams
    Saints - Brees
    Falcons -Turner

    49ers -Wills
    Seahawks -tj
    Rams -Jackson

    Patriots - Welker
    Jets - Scott
    Bills -fitzpatrick
    Dolphins - rodny brown

    Steelers - Big Ben
    Bengals - Ochocinco
    Browns -Cribbs
    Ravens -Ray rice

    Colts - Manning
    Titans -britt
    Texans - Johnson
    Jaguars -sims-walker

    Chargers -lt
    Broncos -Orton
    Chiefs - cassel
    Raiders - grandiski

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    Feb 2009
    Dallas - Jason Witten
    Washington - London Fletcher
    NYG - Michael Johnson
    Philadelphia - Trent Cole
    Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers
    Minnesota - Adrian Peterson (OU)
    Detroit - Calvin Johnson
    Chicago - Charles Tillman
    Carolina - Johnathan Stewart
    Tampa Bay - Cadillac Williams
    New Orleans - Jonathan Vilma
    Atlanta - Curtis Lofton (OU)
    San Fransisco - Vernon Davis
    Arizona - Larry Fitzgerald
    Seattle - Aaron Curry
    St. Louis - Stephen Jackson
    New England - Kevin Faulk
    NYJ - Bart Scott
    Buffalo - Marshawn Lynch (because of him driving the cart
    Miami - Ricky Williams
    Pittsburgh - Troy Polamalu
    Cincinnati - Ocho Cinco
    Cleveland- Josh Cribbs
    Baltimore - Mark Clayton (OU)
    Indianapolis - Reggie Wayne
    Tennessee - Chris Johnson
    Houston - Andre Johnson
    Jacksonville - David Garrard
    San Diego - Vincent Jackson (I like Rivers, Gates, and Sproles also)
    Denver - B-Dawk
    Kansas City - Tamba Hali
    Oakland - Jamarcus Russell (want to see him succeed as unlikely as it is)

    Props to Fly-Eagles-Fly for the Sig

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    Dec 2008
    Toronto, ON
    Dallas - DeMarcus Ware
    Washington - Brian Orakpo
    Giants - Justin Tuck
    Philadelphia - Trent Cole
    Green Bay - B.J. Raji
    Minnesota - Kevin Williams
    Detroit - Brandon Pettigrew
    Chicago - Matt Forte
    Carolina - Julius Peppers
    Tampa Bay - Barrett Ruud
    New Orleans - Drew Brees
    Atlanta - John Abraham
    San Francisco - Patrick Willis
    Arizona - Adrian Wilson
    Seattle - Lofa Tatupu/Aaron Curry
    St. Louis - Steven Jackson
    New England - Jerod Mayo
    Jets - Kris Jenkins
    Buffalo - Terrell Owens
    Miami - Joey Porter
    Pittsburgh - Aaron Smith
    Cincinnati - Chad Ochocinco
    Cleveland - Shaun Rogers
    Baltimore - Ray Rice
    Indianapolis - Pierre Garcon
    Tennessee - Chris Johnson
    Houston - Brian Cushing
    Jacksonville - Maurice Jones Drew
    San Diego - Phillip Rivers
    Denver - Elvis Dumervil
    Kansas City - Glenn Dorsey
    Oakland - Richard Seymour

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    Jun 2009
    Dallas- Ware
    Wash- Clinton Portis FROM DA U
    NYG- Kenny Philips FROM DA U
    Philly- Asante Samuel
    GB- Woodson
    Minn- AP
    Det- Calvin
    Chi- Urlacher
    Car- Beason FROM DA U
    TB- Kellen Winslow FROM DA U
    NO- Jonathan Vilma FROM DA U
    Atl- Turner
    SF- Patrick Willis
    Ari- Antrel Rolle FROM DA U
    Sea- Aaron Curry
    StL- Steven Jackson
    NE- Brandon Meriwether FROM DA U
    NYJ- Darrelle Revis
    Buf- TO
    Mia- Ronnie Brown
    Pit- Polamalu
    Cin- Ocho
    Cle- Cribbs
    Bal- Ray Lewis/Ed Reed/Willis McGahee FROM DA U
    Ind- Reggie Wayne FROM DA U
    Ten- Chris Johnson
    Hou- Andre Johnson FROM DA U
    Jac- MJD
    SD- LT
    Den- Marshall
    KC- Bowe
    Oak- Asomogha

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    Apr 2009
    Dallas- Ware
    Wash- Orakpo
    NYG- Hakeem Nicks
    Philly- Desean Jackson
    GB- Aaron Rodgers
    Minn- Percy Harvin
    Det- Calvin Johnson
    Chi- Devin Hester
    Car- Steve Smith
    TB- Josh Freeman
    NO- Reggie Bush
    Atl- Matt Ryan
    SF- Michael Crabtree
    Ari- Beanie Wells
    Sea- Hasselback
    StL- Steven Jackson
    NE- Randy Moss
    NYJ- Leon Washington
    Buf- Terrell Owens
    Mia- Ronnie Brown
    Pit- Santanio Holmes
    Cin- Chad OchoCinco
    Cle- Cribbs
    Bal- Mason
    Ind- Reggie Wayne
    Ten- Vince Young
    Hou- Andre Johnson
    Jac- MJD
    SD- Antonio Cromartie
    Den- Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal (favorite team gets 2 favorite players )
    KC- Brandon Flowers
    Oak- Nnamdi Asomogha

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    Oct 2007
    Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree

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    Mar 2008
    Chestnut Hill, MA
    Dallas- Romo
    Wash- Fletcher
    NYG- Bradshaw
    Philly- McNabb

    GB- Woodson
    Minn- Rice
    Det- C. Johnson
    Chi- Urlacher

    Car- D. Williams
    TB- C. Williams
    NO- Brees
    Atl- Ryan

    SF- Willis
    Ari- Boldin
    Sea- Hasselback
    StL- S. Jackson

    NE- Maroney
    NYJ- Revis
    Buf- Owens
    Mia- Taylor

    Pit- Polamalu
    Cin- Ochocinco
    Cle- Stuckey
    Bal- Suggs

    Ind- Manning
    Ten- C. Johnson
    Hou- A. Johnson
    Jac- Jones-Drew

    SD- V. Jackson
    Den- Orton
    KC- Cassel
    Oak- Asomogha
    Last edited by kmo429; 12-24-2009 at 05:09 AM.

    New Video. Isles season highlights 2011-12!

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    Apr 2008
    San Jose, CA

    My Favorite Players

    Dallas - Marion Barber III
    Washington - Sanatana Moss
    New York Giants - Justin Tuck
    Philadelphia - DeSean Jackson
    Green Bay - Clay Matthews Jr.
    Minnesota - Steve Hutchinson
    Detroit - Dominic Raiola
    Chicago - Olin Kreutz
    Carolina - Chris Gamble
    Tampa Bay - Ronde Barber
    New Orleans - Jonathan Vilma
    Atlanta - Michael Turner
    San Fransisco - Patrick Willis
    Arizona - Darnell Dockett
    Seattle - Lofa Tatupu
    St. Louis - Stephen Jackson
    New England - Kevin Faulk
    New York Jets - Dwight Lowery
    Buffalo - Marshawn Lynch
    Miami - Akin Ayodele
    Pittsburgh - Troy Polamalu
    Cincinnati - Keith Rivers
    Cleveland - Joe Thomas
    Baltimore - Ray Lewis
    Indianapolis - Peyton Manning
    Tennessee - Kevin Mawae
    Houston - Brian Cushing
    Jacksonville - Maurice Jones-Drew
    San Diego - Darren Sproles
    Denver - Champ Bailey
    Kansas City - Brian Waters
    Oakland - Nnamdi Asomugha

    San Francisco Giants
    2010 & 2012 World Series Champions

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