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    Jamaal Charles For Real? Fantasy Speaking

    My keeper deadline is today, and I need to decide between Jamaal Charles, Greg Jennings, and Mike Sims-Walker. Right now I am leaning towards Jamaal Charles, But it scares me that he is on the Chiefs. Will he be the #1 next year, or will they draft someone else? Is he this good or is he just facing a favorable schedule? When do you think he will be drafted next year? These are all questions I would like to hear people's opinions on. And also my other keepers are a top RB and a top WR, we keep 3 total. Thanks

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    From watching Charles this year IMO he really looks to have the tools to be a number one. He is often the center of attention in KC (I guess thats not saying much). He grabs a lot of looks in the passing game as well.

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    I've had him starting on my fantasy team since he got moved to starting back. He literally brought me to my leagues 3rd place game. My other back was Micheal Turner, only reason I didn't make the finals.

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    I picked up up Charles, and I think he is going to be one of my keepers as well. Maybe I am getting carried away here, but watching him these past few weeks he reminds me of Chris Johnson. Hes a little undersized, but he is lightning fast and a big part of the passing game.

    I think he is going to be drafted anywhere from 2nd to 4th round next year. You do have a point in that maybe KC picks up another RB next year (maybe Thomas Jones or McGahee) but I like Charles' long term potential. Out of your 3 players, I'd keep Charles.

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    I'd keep Jennings. You know next year he will come back and be one of Rodgers favorite targets every game. Charles is good but they are gonna draft another RB in KC to split time with him and his numbers are gonna drop.

    Sims Walker hasnt had a good second half, I wouldnt keep him.

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    You have to keep Jennings, he is a proven commodity although he is having a down year fantasy speaking
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