Actually, I don't give myself enough credit. I posted this after his first start on May 25th:

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A month ago, I was no fan of R.A. Dickey. I don't like the knuckleball, never did. Very hard to control, hard to predict, also hard to catch. Games get very long and tedious involving knuckleballers.

Then I saw RA pitch in Buffalo on an SNY game. What I saw opened my eyes. He isn't your typical knuckleballer. He throws his floater harder than most. Very remiscent of Joe Niekro, the less famous brother but a very good pitcher in his own right.

RA began with the Mets where he left off with the Bisons, throwing strikes, getting batters out, giving quality innings. I'm sold.

Then there's the matter of Takahashi, a career stater in Japan who was a very good middle inning reliever for us this season. Pitching against the Yankees Friday night, he showed he can be equally effective as a starter. The only difference is he pitched more innings and will need 4 days off between appearances.

If their starters can go deeper into games, it will have a domino effect on the bullpen. Nieve should be able to get his magic back and maybe, just maybe, Feliciano's arm won't fall off sometime in August.

With Niese (how's the hammy doing?) as a fifth starter and Jason Bay finally heating up, we just might win some games this summer.

At any rate, we need to keep Dickey and Tak in the rotation.