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gcoll, it's obvious that you disliked the movie, but to say the Golden Globes were totally wrong is a bit extreme. The voters know 'a tad' more about movies than the general public. I agree, and I'm sure a large portion of the public does, that it wasn't an amazing story, but it was good enough for most of us (and the Hollywood Foreign Press).
The Hollywood Foreign Press is a joke of an organization. First it only has 95 members, which sure as **** doesn't signify any kind of acceptable sample size to correlate between itself and the general public. Two, the HFPA has always been criticized as an organization where you can buy votes. It happens.

But the saddest thing about your sad little post here that that the story was "good enough" and thus for that reason its awards are warranted. Congratulations for accepting the dumbing down of culture.