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View Poll Results: Did the Lions make the correct pick?

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  • Yes, Matt Stafford

    72 72.00%
  • No, Mark Sanchez

    10 10.00%
  • No, Jason Smith

    5 5.00%
  • No, Other

    13 13.00%
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    Sep 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by WIPurplePride View Post
    Stafford was the right pick at #1 BUT at #20 I still feel they should have taken Michael Oher... Pass up a potential LT or a very good RT option for a TE? Pettigrew is going to be a good TE probably but Oher would've been a legit LT for them I think.
    This is exactly what i was going to write. I was reading through the forum to make sure no one else said it. haha. Lions should've taken Oher in a heartbeat. When he was available, i thought it was a no brainer. Guess it wasn't.

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    Yes, Stafford was the correct pick. If anything he has displayed some nice toughness.

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    Aug 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendX View Post
    They should've drafted Aaron Curry.
    Hasn't Curry been a dissapointment?
    Patriots Forum Hall of Fame Class of 2011

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    As far as quarterbacks go, they made the right choice with Stafford. However, I believe that it is better to build a football team from the lines outward, so I think that drafting a Michael Oher or a good defensive player might have been the right choice. By the time that Stafford would be reaching his prime, there is the possibility that he will have lost a lot of confidence from a couple of years playing with a mediocre line and defense.

    The Jets team seemed close enough to being complete that a quarterback in the first round made more sense. At the beginning of the season they were projected to have a great defense, great offensive line, and pretty good receivers and runningbacks.

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