Greatest documentary I have ever seen, hands down.

The coin toss against OU was the most intense thing I've ever seen...they had the game won right there.

After the ref asked Highsmith if they wanted to kick or receive, all he said was "Sure"...amazing.

I don't get why everyone hated on Randall Hill...the six shooter in the tunnel was the greatest thing ever...that entire cotton bowl was the definition of Hurricanes football...they're going to knock the **** out of you, and tell you about it afterwards. They won that game by 43 points, and had over 250 yards worth of penalties.

I also feel as if they slighted Butch Davis a bit in the end...he really did a phenomenal job of rebuilding this program through the probation years. He is the one that assembled that 2001 squad. Coker inherited a juggernaut...then proceeded to run the best team in college football straight into the ground.