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Alright so I've been giving this some thought for a couple of weeks now and figured I'd post my idea so you guys can help me out with this...

What do yo guys think about starting a friendly competition amongst ourselves? It will be kinda like a motivational thing to help us work harder in the gym which ultimately will only lead to positive gains for all of us?

The point where I'm stuck at is trying to figure out what the actual goal would be since we all are in this for different reasons (some the same). Some guys are trying to tone up while other are trying to bulk up.

Should we seperate this into different categories such as goals or weight class? Or how about head to head with someone for a month? Obviously this will not be an "in person" competition, just a friendly bet between PSD buddies

We could compete for sigs, loser has to change their sig to whatever the winner wants it to be (within reason of course).

For this competition to be successful, we will have to post pics and bios.

Well that was my idea, anyone interested in trying to get this done? If so, I'll need help to organize it and figure out how this competition will be done.

Hope my idea was not too far fetched, lemme know what ya think!
Sounds cool, I'm down for some competition. Maybe it could work if it were separated into goals, like a numbers game you know? Like for example: I want to gain 10lbs of muscle and so does someone else. We can make a deadline to have it done and make a sig bet.