Jerry McDonald, of ANG Newspapers, reports Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell has been fined by the team for being overweight and being late for team meetings, according to Boomer Esiason, of CBS Sports. 'I donít want to beat a dead horse here, but itís come to my attention that he has been fined heavily already for being overweight and for being late to meetings. And, heís already missed one meeting. Iím telling you right now, the other 52 guys on that roster are looking at (head coach) Tom Cable. Theyíre looking at Al Davis, and theyíre saying we deserve better than this. Thatís why every time he goes on the field, whatís the quarterbackís job Ė to be the leader of the other men on the field with them; to inspire them to greater heights. Right now, he is holding them back,' Esiason said. When asked whether Russell had indeed been fined and missed meetings, Cable said, 'Iím not going to talk about our internal stuff that way.'

Maybe it is true, maybe JaDonut is one of the Biggest Busts in NFL History.