One of the Moderators needs to create an epic Fantasy baseball league on ESPN or Yahoo. It will be a keeper league with 10-20 teams. Positions should be as Follows:
C, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, of,of,of, util.

Small teams but if we get around 20 teams and make it a keeper league it could be seriously fun. I'm already in a league like this and people trade for prospects, it feels like you truly are a gm of a team, just brought on to turn the organization around; you start with a draft and since there are 20 teams you have to grab young prospects in teh draft as well. I picked up Fmart and Neftali Feliz in my league and feel like the man.

So, yeah next spring/late winter lets start a 20 team league with 1 player for a position.