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    Fantasy Football Trade

    Okay, okay, probably not in the right spot, but to hell with it... I'm in need of a WR in Fantasy Football and I figured I'd come to you guys and see what you think... You'll probably think I'm a bonehead, but so be it...

    I'm Trading:

    - Ted Ginn Jnr (WR)
    - Torry Holt (WR)
    - Jonathan Stewart (RB)

    Trading For:

    - Andre Johnson (WR)
    - Mark Clayton (WR)
    - Donald Brown (RB)

    You'll ask why get rid of Stewart, its simple, I have Joseph Addai, Clinton Portis and Michael Turner, and getting Donald Brown (due to high expectations if Addai goes down, etc) as a handcuff. Torry Holt is old, but still a good WR and it remains to be seen what Ginn can do (although I think he'll do very very well this season) and I picked Mark Clayton also because is is virtually useless and I'm going to drop him, and hopefully get Marshawn Lynch or another WR from Free agency. So, basically, I was wondering what you guys think, as it stand, the trade has neither been accept or rejected just FYI.

    Is it a decent offer (on my behalf) or is it bogus? I don't think he'd be worse off either, as he has Jamal Lewis, Willie Parker, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall and the Ravens defense also... And if I land Andre, it makes his team slightly weaker and improves my chances.

    and why is this in the Dolphins forum? Two reasons: a) I didn't know where else to post it and most of you guys are fairly intelligent. b) Ted Ginn is mentioned. Lol.

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    Thats a no brainer, you have to make that trade. Addai might lose his starting job to Brown by midseason. Jonathan Stewart is coming off an injury and does not get the majority of the carries. Torry Holt is a good receiver but not expected to be a good fantasy receiver this year in Jacksonville. And Ted Ginn is the high risk high reward kind a guy.

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    Jul 2008
    Sorry and I forgot to mention even if Brown doesn't start by midseason that means Addai is doing well and therefore you have a good security blanket in Brown if Addai goes down.

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    without a doubt you make the trade. Andre Johnson is always a fantasy stud, I'm surprised the other person wants to do the trade. It sounds like you already have good RB's. Do the trade!

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    Dunedin, New Zealand
    I would never accept the trade if was the other guy
    Beast from South Beach
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