Okay, okay, probably not in the right spot, but to hell with it... I'm in need of a WR in Fantasy Football and I figured I'd come to you guys and see what you think... You'll probably think I'm a bonehead, but so be it...

I'm Trading:

- Ted Ginn Jnr (WR)
- Torry Holt (WR)
- Jonathan Stewart (RB)

Trading For:

- Andre Johnson (WR)
- Mark Clayton (WR)
- Donald Brown (RB)

You'll ask why get rid of Stewart, its simple, I have Joseph Addai, Clinton Portis and Michael Turner, and getting Donald Brown (due to high expectations if Addai goes down, etc) as a handcuff. Torry Holt is old, but still a good WR and it remains to be seen what Ginn can do (although I think he'll do very very well this season) and I picked Mark Clayton also because is is virtually useless and I'm going to drop him, and hopefully get Marshawn Lynch or another WR from Free agency. So, basically, I was wondering what you guys think, as it stand, the trade has neither been accept or rejected just FYI.

Is it a decent offer (on my behalf) or is it bogus? I don't think he'd be worse off either, as he has Jamal Lewis, Willie Parker, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall and the Ravens defense also... And if I land Andre, it makes his team slightly weaker and improves my chances.

and why is this in the Dolphins forum? Two reasons: a) I didn't know where else to post it and most of you guys are fairly intelligent. b) Ted Ginn is mentioned. Lol.