The buzz around Ottawa today is that Chicago has, in a big way, stepped into the Heatley sweepstakes.

Was told this morning Chicago was pitching 'ideas' on a trade for Heatley, to Bryan Murray.

As today has progressed, I heard that both sides have hit a 'common ground' on a Heatley trade.

So far ZERO names have come out, in regards to who would be coming back to Ottawa and if anyone else would be heading to Chicago.

A trade package hasn't been agreed upon yet, nor has Chicago tabled an official offer yet, but it is a promising sign to see a team moving aggressively in pursuit of Heatley.

I realize a lot people are going to question why the Hawks want him or how Chicago could fit Heatley under the cap, Iím wondering the same thing, but it's the big news on the Heatley front.