1. Location- Carlisle, PA
2. Favorite NHL Team-Bruins, my 2nd favorite team has quickly become the Maple Leafs, simply b/c they are the gift that keeps on giving!
3. Favorite Current Bruin-Year to date, Thornton, overall Lucic
4. Favorite Former Bruin-Bourque
5. Least favorite NHL team-Canadiens
6. Least favorite NHL player- Cooke
7. Other sports teams do you enjoy? Red Sox and Pats
8. Lucic vs Jack Bauer in a fight to the death- Lucic
9.First ever job- Footlocker
10.360 or PS3- Wii
11.Gamer tag-n/a
12.Biggie vs Tupac-Biggie
13. Favorite forums on PSD-Bruins and Red Sox
14. Anything else you care to share?