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Thread: Off season!!!!

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    Off season!!!!

    Sorry in advance for the languange but why the FU** aren't we trying to aquire Dany Heatley!? It makes perfect sence! He can sit on the top line with Eric Staal. Staal cannot do it all by himself so lets try to trade for Heatley. Give up some centers. We have Boychuck and Sutter sitting in the wings anyways.

    what do you all think?
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    Because he only wants to play for a big market team or a contender. I highly doubt Carolina was on his list of teams he would play for...Yes, the team made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and did have a solid year. But I would put Philly, Pitt, Wash, Bos ahead of them and they are equal/not quite as good as Montreal, NJ and NYR...

    Heatley is a pain in the ***, Carolina is only a couple million under the cap, so they would have to dump a lot of salary in any trade...

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