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    Unofficial Report: AFL Done for good

    Source: AFL is indeed done
    Posted by Mike Florio on August 3, 2009 9:42 AM ET
    Well, if former Tampa Bay Storm COO Jim Borghesi was guessing, he guessed right.

    The source who told us that Borghesi no longer is in position to know what the AFL will or won't be doing in the future now tells us that, indeed, the AFL will be folding its tents.

    A press conference is expected early this week, no later than Wednesday.

    Borghesi broke the news of the impending death of the AFL on his Facebook page over the weekend.

    So that's it. The AFL is no more.

    Well thats typical, Philly wins a title, and the league collapses. We'll hold the title forever, so thats cool I guess.
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    ther arent even words do not describe how stupid you are.

    Let's Go Flyers!

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    I know I heard about this on espn. It is sad. The San Jose Sabercats are no more.

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    Atleast it lasted longer than the XFL.

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    I never heard of the AFL until my cousin mentioned it 3 yrs ago saying Neil Smith owned the KC Brigades.

    Went to one game (only game I ever watched in AFL) it was boring as hell. So many damn touchdowns made it boring. But they had some bad*** cheerleaders though so I stared at them for most of the time.

    Can't say I'll miss it.

    Its Over.

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