Good thread idea here. Nice to see we got rid of the '08 U.S. Open sticky.

So my last round that I played was a couple of weeks ago now. I shot an 80 from the blacks at Diamond Valley Ranch in Hemet, Ca.
Best round I've ever shot. I putted for birdie on 8 straight holes.
Here's the info off my Sonocadie:
86% of fairways
61% GIR
2.06 putts/hole
Birdies 17%
Par 33%
Bogies 39%
Double Bogies 11%

I should've shot better and I feel confident in saying that even though this was my lowest round. I lost my putter about a month and a half ago and I've got this horrible POS for a replacement. It's over 20 years old and just sucks ***. Birdie to bogie happened quite a bit that day. I used the same ball through 16 holes! ha ha that was probably the best part to me.