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View Poll Results: Best Player in the Decade of the 2000's. Shaq, Duncan, Kobe, Lebron, Garnett or Wade

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  • Shaq

    62 22.06%
  • Duncan

    59 21.00%
  • Kobe

    123 43.77%
  • Lebron

    9 3.20%
  • Garnett

    4 1.42%
  • Wade

    24 8.54%
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    Quote Originally Posted by madiaz3 View Post
    The Spurs were in contention the past two years as much as the Cavs were, which is to say they really were not. Healthy Ginobili and Parker means two top 5 players at their position in the league so by no means are they chumps. The only time those two weren't top 5 players in their position they had David Robinson to help out.
    Kobe and Shaq were the top at their position. Look, I am not going to convince you, and you are not going to convince me. I think Duncan is a top 10 player ever, and has been in his prime since 2000, and still is basically. Kobe is not a top 10 player ever, and Shaq is over the hill. I pick Duncan, you don't. Neat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye15 View Post
    Kobe, Odom, Fisher, Sasha, Gasol, these guys are inexperienced? mmkkay. Oh, and isn't Phil Jackson their coach??
    It isn't a discredit. I will say it one last time for the drone Laker fans. A ring is a ring. I got it. My ONLY fkin point is, the real contenders were all hurt, and the only teams in the way were ones that had zero experience. Jesus, its like arguing with children. And it doesn't matter. If the 9th grade chicago girls high school team would have been who they knocked out, the fact remains they won. I am not dogging on them. Get the FFFFFFFFF over it laker fans
    I dont think you understood me when I said LA was inexperienced, I wasn't talking about this year, I was talking about Boston vs LA, also Gasol didn't play a full season in the system. (I know excuses excuses but since everyone else is throwing them around I will too). And if you're gonna use the "real contenders were hurt" card, then why don't you bring up Bynum being out and Ariza coming back during the finals? You just wanna make excuses as to why LA won but you won't acknowledge the same excuses for their loss in 08.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye15 View Post
    agreed that PF is probably the weakest of the "all time" positions. That is a good point. I kind of have a hard time not giving TD credit for the 1999 ring, since it is literally on the cusp of the decade, but I am conceding that it was not part of 2000-current. But Duncan, from day 1, established himself as the premier PF in the world. The same can not be said of those other 2, who both won 3 rings as teammates. Pair up Duncan with either one of them back then. scary. And TD is still the premier PF. 14 years later. It starts with him. Consistency has to play a part in you're pick.
    And as I said before, Kobe really fits the argument, cause his prime came from 2000-current, and beyond most likely. Shaq will have not been shaq the last 3 years of the decade. Kobe has a beef for this thread, no doubt. I just take TD over him, anyday.
    I hear ya, Tim's 99 ring should really count in this argument, just like how the next couple of years to come should too. It would a more compelling argument 98/99-11/12 ish

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    Duncan but Iverson goes ahead of lebron wade and KG

    Quote Originally Posted by More-Than-Most View Post
    Nope... Sorry but no cheaters allowed... If you are caught cheating you shouldnt be next to guys that have done nothing wrong... Lets put a cheater like brady next to some of the best QBs ever like Young and Montana

    He has cheated several times and now lies about it and looks like a scumbag pos
    The Death of PSD.

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    I still can't believe Wade got more votes than Lebron!!!

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    Duncan, he's been an all-star for the the last 10 years and for his whole career.

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