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    Royalmania: where did it come from?

    Ok, this is just perplexing. The rave before the year about how good the Royals were gonna be, how they were the Rays of 2009. How could anyone seriously have thought this team had what it took to win their division and maybe even make noise in the playoffs? They're terrible.

    That offense would make me want to puke if I were a fan of theirs, and even if Gordon was healthy, I'd probably still be saying this. Those two trades they made in the offseason were terrible, and I knew it all along. They traded their two best relievers not named Joakim Soria, and all they got was a one-year wonder 1st baseman and a decent but not amazing leadoff man currently out for the year. The Betancourt deal is a stinker too, the Cortes kid has potential. The Farnsworth signing? Just terrible. Look up "loser" in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Jose Guillen. Outside of Butler, it's an offense of role players.

    Jeff Passan may be a ****ing idiot, but even a ****ing idiot should know better than to say the Royals were the most talented team in the AL Central. Sorry, two pitchers don't make a team.

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    Very easy to say now...
    C:\Documents and Settings\Adam.UPSTAIRSOFFICE\Desktop\Adam's Stuff\Adam's Pics\Yankees\Players\Derek Jeter\Jeter47.jpg

    "Competing against that guy was what made the Major Leagues the Major Leagues for me."

    -Curt Schilling on SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SPORTSMAN of the YEAR , Derek Jeter

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    They had Greinke coming off a solid end of 08 and was a big underdog pick for cy young (was proven 110% correct) Meche is a serviceable #2, ehh. Bannister was a little beat up but shown some flashes. So not 'too' bad of a rotation. Their BP looked good with Soria and Cruz and before they traded Nunez and Ramirez (dumb trades) however Jacobs and Crisp looked to make their offense a little better. Jacobs has pop at least, all right he's garbage. Crisp is a solid leadoff guy though.

    They had some hopes for Aviles and Teahan which flopped.

    The team looked like more 'hopeful' than talented. With the AL Central not doing much around them it was easy to think they'd try to make some noise. Now they just seem to be making silly trades. You don't trade prospects for crap especially when you're not even a contender.

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    They'll still win the central

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