What an amazing game from the Rockies (47-41)! They were losing to the Braves (43-45) right from the start in this one but the Rockies just kept on scratching and clawing their way back, climaxing with a Brad Hawpe walk off hit in the bottom of the 9th inning. Bradís 5th career walk off hit had the crowd on their feet cheering and his teammates mobbing him at home plate. The Rockies knocked the ball around all day, it reminded me of this video I viewed recently, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjWpN...eature=related straight brutal! Tulo hit his 16th jack of the year, Hawpe his 14th, and Seth Smith his 7th. The fountains in centerfield got plenty of work today! With the 8-7 win the Rockies can be happy and content going into the All-Star break.

Now the pitching from the both squads was awful to start out the game. Jason Hammel was pulverized in 3 innings of work, giving up 5 earned runs and striking out just 2. Jorge De La Rosa came in to relieve him and he also stunk up the field lasting 1 inning yielding 2 earned runs and walking 1. I vote to leave De La Rosa in the starting rotation after that performance. For the Braves, Manny Acosta was accosted in 0.1 innings allowing 3 earned runs, walking a batter, and chalked up a throwing error as well. Definitely pick this guy up in your fantasy league if you want to finish dead last.

So how did we win? First, our bullpen was stellar. Daley, Rincon, Peralta, Morales, and Street all combined to pitch 5 innings of shutout ball and gunned down 6 Braves. Good thing the All-Star break is here, time to rest up boys. Huston Street (3-1) got the win. Luis Valdez (0-1) had the honor of pitching his first ever MLB game in the 9th; 12 pitches later, game over, Hawpe just served you your welcome gift! Second, our hitting was tremendous. Dexter Fowler was superb in the leadoff role, Hawpe went 2-4 with a walk, and Seth Smith (where do I know that name from?) was 2-5 with 2 RBI. I think Jim Tracy is getting the message now. In his postgame interview, Tracy praised Smith for his effort and gave a huge wet one to the bullpen, well deserved but gross.

The Rockies are now just 2 games back in the NL Wild Card race. San Francisco is in the lead, so keep your fingers crossed for those Giants to lose and our Rockies to win coming out of the break. There were two possible injuries in the game for the Rox as Yorvit Torrealba pulled up short running to first base with a strained hammy and Joel Peralta was hit on his throwing hand by a comebacker to the mound that lifted his fingernail badly. Just one reason to be thankful for the break (I knew there was something positive about the All-Star game besides the homerun derby). Look for Paul Phillips to get the call up from AAA again if Torrealba canít recoup. Phillips was awesome the last trip he took up here, so I for one would welcome it.

One other quick shout out to Rockies TV announcer George Frazier, you need to concentrate on calling the game more and maybe get some more sleep, I hear that ginkgo does wonders. Frazier commented during the broadcast, ďDue to the economy, I just donít see the Rockies being able to afford a new starter, times are tough.Ē Are you kidding me? The Rockies are a cash cow Frazier; they NEED to sign a Roy Halladay type if they want to continue contending. See you all after the break!