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    Quote Originally Posted by AirJordan23 View Post
    Wade's efficiency is higher than Iverson's for these reasons:
    1). Obviously, his height has a lot to do with it. It shouldn't be held against Wade or for Iverson but it's a very legit reasoning.
    2). The fact that Wade had Shaq from '04-07. Shaq's attention gave Wade more room to operate due to a decrease in double or triple coverage for Wade.
    3). The '04 rule changes basically. Handchecking was totally gone, the defensive 3 second violation. The time when the league became the softest in history. Perimeter players could get in the lane easily. Touch fouls and a massive increase in FTA. Both Wade and AI benefitted from this. Wade more because he came into the league around that time and that bumps up his career efficiency.
    4. Iverson was the ONLY focal point of the defenses in Philly. It was basically give the ball to AI and clear the ***** out. The man got beat up, thrown around yet he still came back and put up a fight.

    Regarding Wade's finals performance, it isn't rated that high in my eyes. Going to the FT line 350 times a game is not that impressive to me. I don't even consider it top 10 all time, to be honest. No need to bring up Hollinger's garbage rankings which pay heavy emphasis to the trash that is PER. Nobody from the '06 finals dominated other than Wade which is the reason his PER is so high. I'll take an example from the '91 and '93 finals. Jordan dominated and put up some insane stats but the reason his PER isn't greater than Wade's is due to the fact other stars played really well. Barkley, Pippen and Magic performed played at a really high level in that series. There was a huge deviation from Wade to any other player in '06 compared to Jordan and any other player in '91 and '93. For the record, I'll take these over Wade's:
    Shaq 2000, 2001, 2002
    Jordan 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997
    Tim Duncan 1999, 2003
    Larry Bird 1984
    Jerry West 1969
    Olajuwon 1994, 1995
    Magic 1987, 1988

    As for the question, Iverson is a more talented scorer than Wade but Wade is better because he has a better shot selection. The quality of shots Iverson takes is pretty pathetic. Taking a fadeaway over a guy 9 inches taller than him, shooting over doubles is trademark Iverson which is why I'm not a huge fan. Not a fan of Wade either.
    Good post.

    Bring Back the Zen Master.

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    The question of who is the better scorer to me is the dilemma...the person who made this post DID NOT ask the question in the right way....Theres only 4 questions you can ask about scoring which is in general about the two.

    Who lead the league in scoring this year? Wade (who is better now)
    Who has more scoring titles? Iverson has more
    Who has the higher field goal percentage? Wade
    Who takes the most shots? Iverson

    In track and field we can say Usain Bolt is the fastest in 100m dash. But we can say a marathon runner is faster simply because he has ran longer for a longer period of time...Lets make this question better and more interesting

    If you have 5 minutes on the clock in the 4th qtr and only ONE player can take the shots for your team...Who would it be? I think this puts alot more clarity on the question....

    Now Jordan or Magic ?
    Kobe or Lebron?
    Wade or Iverson?

    Now after you as a normal human being thought about that seriously

    You will realize Wade is ultimately the better scorer

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    Quote Originally Posted by pd7631 View Post
    Allen Iverson is 5th all time in regular season scoring average, and prior to this past season he was 3rd behind only MJ and Wilt.....

    Allen Iverson is 2nd all time in playoff scoring average, behind only MJ.....

    It's certainly easier for Dwyane Wade to score given the fact that he's got 4 inches and 50 pounds on AI, and they play the same position....

    AI is the better scorer, although it's certainly not hands down. Wade does score more efficiently, but Allen Iverson scores more points.....period.

    You can say all you want about how Wade takes better shots and what not, but the numbers don't lie. Who is the better scorer? Well, the only proof is in the numbers. And the numbers are in Allen Iverson's favor.
    (A) Depends on your definition of a scorer. I personally would have to include efficiency because anyone can score. The whole point is doing it efficiently.
    (B) Don't use physical advantages or disadvantages as an excuse. Speaking of which, AI is pretty ****ing athletic regardless.

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    Wade is the better overall scorer but in his prime if he got hot Iverson could totally take over and nothing anyone did was going to stop him. Now I only mean when AI got hot, overall on a night to night basis I would take Wade. Also I forget who but somebody said that Jordan couldn't have led AI's team to the finals and that he always had Pippen. I would like to remind you the quality of the NBA in both of those time periods. The eighties and early nineties was a great era in basketball. To get to the finals in the east you had to go through the Celtics (Bird, Parish, McHale) the Pistons (Isiah, Rodman, the rest of those cheap mother****ers) the Hawks (Dominique) the Sixers (Julius, Moses Malone). And Iverson had to go through a Nets team with Kidd, Jefferson, and KENYON MARTIN. That era in basketball from about 1997 to 2002 was HORRIBLE other than for a few powerhouses who destroyed everything in their path.
    PSA: 1997 is not the year of my birth, it is my favorite Bulls team

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    Quote Originally Posted by kozelkid View Post
    Yes, single handedly. And had one of the greatest final performances ever. And this is coming from an MJ fan.
    Wade also was injured the entired season last year and Riley tanked on purpose. Unless you are too naive to see that.

    OH NO!
    One game, big ****ing deal. **** happens. Who won? Lakers, that's who.

    I'll take overall efficiency over a few shots from 3 anyday. Wade has the better fg% (which takes into count 3pters), better efg% and TS%. Wade is clearly more efficient.
    Kobe also is more efficient.

    Show you one game? How about his whole ****ing career?
    How about when he destroyed my bulls single handedly in a double OT, unbelievable game. Or where he had the greatest finals performances ever.

    Try his whole career. As for mid range. How about you actually watch him play. This season, his mid range shot has become one of the best.

    There's more to defense than gambling the passing lanes. Aside from gambling the passing lanes, chris paul and Dwyane Wade are also terrific on ball defenders. Same can't be said for Allen Iverson, who though leads in steals many season, never got all defensive team for some odd reason . Monta Ellis and Baron Davis are also good at predicting the passing lanes, yet suck hard defensively.
    As for scoring. Depends what you look at. I care more about a person who can score and do it EFFICIENTLY, then simply score. Maybe there's a reason why AI, has been largely unsuccessful his entire career. Maybe a reason Nuggets were better WITHOUT him.

    Well seeing as actual efficiency stats like TS%, efg% and even fg% have Wade blowing AI out of the water, I'll take that over your flawed opinion.
    But it's ok, you can take AI, the cancer who now is lucky to get an mle from any team.
    I'm done arguing with you, cause you really have no idea what you are talking about. ANYONE, can score a high number of points. I'll take one who does it more efficiently any day. Which Wade does. Iverson? nope.
    On AI's defense, he never really had another true offensive threat, everything had to be ran through him and him only, he had to play PG/SG, even in Denver, they had him playing a role that he's not supposed to be playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GspLAL View Post
    On AI's defense, he never really had another true offensive threat, everything had to be ran through him and him only, he had to play PG/SG, even in Denver, they had him playing a role that he's not supposed to be playing.
    My issue with AI is that he doesn't try to adjust for the better of the team. And Detroit was a great example of that. Not only that but it's the reason why none of the contending teams even considered adding him as a guy off the bench who could add that fire power a team may need. Because he'd never accept it. There's no doubt he had unbelievable gifts and was a terrific player, but your attitude and heart has to be set in place to be a winner. He needs to make the proper sacrifices to win. He wasn't quite as bad as Marbury or Francis, but he still is left winless and has so few suitors even though he is still capable of posting good numbers.

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    The question on this post should of been a little more specific.
    To me a scorer is someone who gets the ball in the basketball at any cost. A scorer takes as many shot as possible because they knows in his head that it will go in so I can't factor in efficiency. At this point point Wade does it better but Allen did it better. I give it to Allen. Wade's explosion as a dominant scorer came last year during a year supposed to be tanked but Wade didn't let that happen. Allen came into the league know as a dominant scorer all the way back at college.

    Also Wade doesn't have a scorer's mentality unlike Iverson. (Let me explain)
    Before game Wade is thinking maybe if I score 27 give out 11 assists and grab 7 rebounds we can win. If I miss a few then I'll start passing.

    Before game Iverson is thinking if I got a good look I'm going to take it to help my team win. If I miss 7 that 8th one is going in.

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