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Wade's efficiency is higher than Iverson's for these reasons:
1). Obviously, his height has a lot to do with it. It shouldn't be held against Wade or for Iverson but it's a very legit reasoning.
2). The fact that Wade had Shaq from '04-07. Shaq's attention gave Wade more room to operate due to a decrease in double or triple coverage for Wade.
3). The '04 rule changes basically. Handchecking was totally gone, the defensive 3 second violation. The time when the league became the softest in history. Perimeter players could get in the lane easily. Touch fouls and a massive increase in FTA. Both Wade and AI benefitted from this. Wade more because he came into the league around that time and that bumps up his career efficiency.
4. Iverson was the ONLY focal point of the defenses in Philly. It was basically give the ball to AI and clear the ***** out. The man got beat up, thrown around yet he still came back and put up a fight.

Regarding Wade's finals performance, it isn't rated that high in my eyes. Going to the FT line 350 times a game is not that impressive to me. I don't even consider it top 10 all time, to be honest. No need to bring up Hollinger's garbage rankings which pay heavy emphasis to the trash that is PER. Nobody from the '06 finals dominated other than Wade which is the reason his PER is so high. I'll take an example from the '91 and '93 finals. Jordan dominated and put up some insane stats but the reason his PER isn't greater than Wade's is due to the fact other stars played really well. Barkley, Pippen and Magic performed played at a really high level in that series. There was a huge deviation from Wade to any other player in '06 compared to Jordan and any other player in '91 and '93. For the record, I'll take these over Wade's:
Shaq 2000, 2001, 2002
Jordan 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997
Tim Duncan 1999, 2003
Larry Bird 1984
Jerry West 1969
Olajuwon 1994, 1995
Magic 1987, 1988

As for the question, Iverson is a more talented scorer than Wade but Wade is better because he has a better shot selection. The quality of shots Iverson takes is pretty pathetic. Taking a fadeaway over a guy 9 inches taller than him, shooting over doubles is trademark Iverson which is why I'm not a huge fan. Not a fan of Wade either.
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