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Thread: Bigger Impact

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    Oct 2008

    Bigger Impact

    Which player will have the biggest impact on their team?


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    Dec 2006
    i was going to start this, but its too early. and u should add a poll.

    we have to see who is being replaced.

    VC is replacing Lee and Turk. we know that.

    Shaq is replacing Z, who then moves to the bench. so in a way, Shaq is replacing whoever played back up center for the Cavs.

    Artest right now is replacing Ariza, but he could possibly be replacing Odom and Ariza.

    Wallace is replacing Powe, but he might be replacing Big Baby Davis and Leon Powe.

    see what I mean. too many wild cards to judge this yet.
    Thank you Saints. i can watch TV again.

    Welcome Nate Robinson to the Boston Celtics! I am one of the few who support this deal.

    Please Patriots, no more CBA talks. I and the fans dont care. We want to win. Get this roster where it needs to be. NO excuses.

    We couldnt sign a big hitter, so the Red Sox are all about De-Fense. Hope it works!

    Boston Sports for Life.

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    Jun 2008
    Ron Artest is a huge addition to a team that has already won a title. He's better than Ariza, so he's an upgrade to the team and he's a lockdown defender.

    Bring Back the Zen Master.

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    Oct 2008
    I don't think Odom is going anywhere. He wants to stay in LA. Something will get worked out... Kobe will restructure his contract IMO if he must.

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    May 2009
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    They may be running out of steam, but I think Shaq or Vince will have the biggest impact out of those 4. The Lakers are already winning I don't see how adding another winning player is going to make them even more winning.

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