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    Feb 2006
    If he wanted Konerko... couldnt he pick him up?

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    Feb 2006
    Im trying to TRADE for Konerko. Plus my friend is a hard *** when it comes to trade.

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    Feb 2006
    Ok I sorry, I got confused my bad!!!

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    Feb 2006
    Bonderman/Vazquez starts tomorrow and Im worried that Beckett will be rocked again in his next start. Drop Beckett for Bonderman or Vazquez?

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    Feb 2006
    Or should I pick up Glavine who doesnt start tomorrow?

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    Feb 2006
    And should I drop Street for Dempster or Jenks?
    Last edited by Zaunnie; 05-05-2006 at 08:28 PM.

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    Feb 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Zaunnieboi
    And should I drop Street for Dempster or Jenks?
    keep street, hell be more valuable over the course of the year
    06.19.05 - we'll miss you man

    J.D.: It's the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy.
    "I teach Sunday school, mother ****er!" - Steven Cobert

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    Feb 2006
    What do you think of this team I got in a 6 team draft?

    C - Willingham
    1B - D. Ortiz
    2B - Utley
    SS - Rollins
    3B - Wright
    IF - Hillenbrand
    OF - Dunn
    OF - Bay
    OF - Burrell
    OF - Sizemore
    UTIL - Konerko
    BN - H.Ramirez
    BN - Lowell
    BN - Johjima

    SP - Peavy
    SP - Kazmir
    RP - Papelbon
    RP - Hoffman
    P - Jenks
    P - Arroyo
    P - Liriano
    BN - Sabathia
    BN - Clemens

    I just drafted Clemens for fun. I wanted to draft Zaun in the last round, but my friend took him

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    Feb 2006
    Round 1
    1. A. Pujols Tchernamordins
    2. V. Guerrero baseballsfin...
    3. Á. Rodríguez the kleins f...
    4. D. Ortiz AsianDisciprine
    5. A. Soriano im gonna los...
    6. M. Ramírez Rockers
    Round 2
    1. P. Martínez Rockers
    2. J. Thome im gonna los...
    3. J. Bay AsianDisciprine
    4. M. Tejada the kleins f...
    5. R. Halladay baseballsfin...
    6. C. Schilling Tchernamordins
    Round 3
    1. Jo. Santana Tchernamordins
    2. Mi. Cabrera baseballsfin...
    3. R. Howard the kleins f...
    4. D. Wright AsianDisciprine
    5. T. Hafner im gonna los...
    6. V. Wells Rockers
    Round 4
    1. T. Glaus Rockers
    2. I. Suzuki im gonna los...
    3. C. Utley AsianDisciprine
    4. A. Jones the kleins f...
    5. M. Young baseballsfin...
    6. F. López Tchernamordins
    Round 5
    1. B. Ryan Tchernamordins
    2. C. Delgado baseballsfin...
    3. C. Beltrán the kleins f...
    4. J. Peavy AsianDisciprine
    5. B. Abreu im gonna los...
    6. D. Jeter Rockers
    Round 6
    1. B. Webb Rockers
    2. J. Reyes im gonna los...
    3. J. Papelbon AsianDisciprine
    4. C. Lee the kleins f...
    5. R. Oswalt baseballsfin...
    6. J. Varitek Tchernamordins
    Round 7
    1. L. Berkman Tchernamordins
    2. C. Crawford baseballsfin...
    3. T. Glavine the kleins f...
    4. P. Burrell AsianDisciprine
    5. M. Mussina im gonna los...
    6. N. Garciaparra Rockers
    Round 8
    1. V. Martínez Rockers
    2. J. Beckett im gonna los...
    3. A. Dunn AsianDisciprine
    4. T. Gordon the kleins f...
    5. M. Ensberg baseballsfin...
    6. Á. Ríos Tchernamordins
    Round 9
    1. C. Shelton Tchernamordins
    2. C. Carpenter baseballsfin...
    3. J. Damon the kleins f...
    4. S. Kazmir AsianDisciprine
    5. M. Rivera im gonna los...
    6. C. Zambrano Rockers
    Round 10
    1. B. Wagner Rockers
    2. Fr. Rodríguez im gonna los...
    3. P. Konerko AsianDisciprine
    4. M. Buehrle the kleins f...
    5. D. Turnbow baseballsfin...
    6. G. Sheffield Tchernamordins
    Round 11
    1. K. Griffey Jr. Tchernamordins
    2. B. Lidge baseballsfin...
    3. J. Mauer the kleins f...
    4. G. Sizemore AsianDisciprine
    5. E. Chávez im gonna los...
    6. M. Ordóñez Rockers
    Round 12
    1. J. Giambi Rockers
    2. J. Schmidt im gonna los...
    3. J. Rollins AsianDisciprine
    4. C. Figgins the kleins f...
    5. P. Fielder baseballsfin...
    6. J. López Tchernamordins
    Round 13
    1. B. Bonds Tchernamordins
    2. D. Lee baseballsfin...
    3. N. Swisher the kleins f...
    4. B. Arroyo AsianDisciprine
    5. M. Holliday im gonna los...
    6. R. Weeks Rockers
    Round 14
    1. J. Isringhausen Rockers
    2. J. Gomes im gonna los...
    3. R. Clemens AsianDisciprine
    4. J. Vázquez the kleins f...
    5. B. Hall baseballsfin...
    6. S. Rolen Tchernamordins
    Round 15
    1. C. Jones Tchernamordins
    2. I. Rodríguez baseballsfin...
    3. J. Contreras the kleins f...
    4. B. Jenks AsianDisciprine
    5. J. Smoltz im gonna los...
    6. M. Teixeira Rockers
    Round 16
    1. B. Zito Rockers
    2. R. Furcal im gonna los...
    3. J. Willingham AsianDisciprine
    4. C. Ray the kleins f...
    5. S. Podsednik baseballsfin...
    6. A. Kennedy Tchernamordins
    Round 17
    1. J. Kent Tchernamordins
    2. J. Dye baseballsfin...
    3. A. Ramírez the kleins f...
    4. H. Ramírez AsianDisciprine
    5. T. Helton im gonna los...
    6. C. Tracy Rockers
    Round 18
    1. R. Johnson Rockers
    2. H. Blalock im gonna los...
    3. C. Sabathia AsianDisciprine
    4. A. Harang the kleins f...
    5. C. Blake baseballsfin...
    6. J. Posada Tchernamordins
    Round 19
    1. C. Crisp Tchernamordins
    2. B. Fuentes baseballsfin...
    3. C. Biggio the kleins f...
    4. T. Hoffman AsianDisciprine
    5. R. Hernández im gonna los...
    6. B. Roberts Rockers
    Round 20
    1. C. Capuano Rockers
    2. K. Mench im gonna los...
    3. S. Hillenbrand AsianDisciprine
    4. G. Maddux the kleins f...
    5. B. Myers baseballsfin...
    6. B. Mueller Tchernamordins
    Round 21
    1. R. Adams Tchernamordins
    2. M. Mora baseballsfin...
    3. O. Cabrera the kleins f...
    4. F. Liriano AsianDisciprine
    5. G. Zaun im gonna los...
    6. J. Drew Rockers
    Round 22
    1. B. Colón Rockers
    2. J. Nathan im gonna los...
    3. M. Lowell AsianDisciprine
    4. W. Rodríguez the kleins f...
    5. D. Uggla baseballsfin...
    6. C. Sullivan Tchernamordins
    Round 23
    1. G. Atkins Tchernamordins
    2. P. Lo Duca baseballsfin...
    3. A. Kearns the kleins f...
    4. K. Johjima AsianDisciprine
    5. B. Giles im gonna los...
    6. N. Johnson Rockers

    Here are the draft results if anyone wants to see them. My team is AsianDisciprine if you wanted to know

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    Jun 2006

    Benitez or Putz? Hillenbrand or Chavez?

    The heavy (19 pts.) leader of my league just dumped A.Benitez and Eric Chavez (for M. Kemp and Kenny Ray) IMO, the players I should think about losing for this switch are Putz and Hillenbrand. Does anyone see why I shouldn't go ahead with this?

    Our Teams:
    His --
    C - Victor Martínez
    1B- Paul Konerko
    2B- Ian Kinsler
    3B- Scott Rolen
    SS- Hanley Ramírez
    OF- Magglio Ordóñez, Vernon Wells, Matt Holliday
    Bench- Matt Kemp. Frank Thomas, Chad Tracy
    SP, Chris Carpenter, Carlos Zambrano, C. Janssen, Justin Verlander, Adam Harang
    RP- A. Otsuka, C. Ray, J. Papelbon, K. Ray
    DL- A. Pujols

    Mine --
    C- J. Posada
    1B- P. Fielder
    2B- Jo. Lopez
    3B- S. Hillenbrand
    SS- F. López
    OF- Á. Ríos, P. Burrell, M. Alou
    Bench- J. Francoeur, B. Hawpe
    SP- Jo. Johnson, T. Glavine, B. Arroyo, E. Milton, S. Kazmir, C. Hamels
    RP- J. Nathan, H. Street, T. Hoffman, B. Wagner, J. Putz
    DL- G. Sheffield

    Thanks for any input you can throw my way!

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    Feb 2004
    I just sort of feel like showing off right now. I'm in a 9 team roto league with 8 of my friends with standard scoring and standard rosters plus an extra P and UT sopt and here's my team:
    R Hernandez
    D Lee
    Tadahito Iguchi
    V Wells
    M Holliday
    UT: Dye, Podsednik
    BN: Sexson, Maggs (they start sometimes depending on who they're facing)
    SP: Carpender, J Johnson, N Robertson, Randy, Felix, John Patterson (I recently traded Jason Schmidt for Vernon Wells)
    RP: Rivera, C Cordero, Saito, Zumaya, Shields (they keep the ERA, WHIP low)

    Of a possible 90 points, I've got 83. I'm winning in every category besides SB's (I'm 4th best and I'm on the rise with the somewhat recent aquisition of Podsednik and Wells), Saves (I'm stranded at 4th best), and BA (I'm 2 points behind the leader).

    I know nobody cares, but what the hell, this is about as dominant of a team as they come. My SP could hurt me, but I'm almost gauranteed to win K's and W's and my 5 relievers have kept my ERA and WHIP the best to make up for high ERA/high K starters like Randy and Felix.

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    Mar 2004
    I'm in a league where we have 7 pitchers and 2 reserves, the pitchers can be any combination of RP and SP, there's no restriction on how many of each we can have. My lineup looks like this:

    Contreras, Jose A. SP
    Jenks, Bobby RP
    Lackey, John SP
    Papelbon, Jonathan RP
    Penny, Brad SP
    Putz, J.J. RP
    Verlander, Justin SP

    Ray, Chris RP
    Schilling, Curt SP BOS

    I was offered a trade of Verlander for Chris Young, and I'm thinking of going for it, I just don't know if Verlander is going to taper off in the second half. Anybody think this trade would be a good idea?

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    Feb 2006
    Chris Young still hasn't proven himself in the 2nd half of the season either. Last year in Texas he had a great first half but was so tired/worn out etc. the 2nd half of the season.

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    Nov 2004
    Long Live Hee-Seop Choi
    Chris Young is pitching his home games in Petco Park. That's probably the biggest stadium in the MLB. That's a tough trade. See if you squeeze a little more.

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    Jul 2006
    C- Varitez
    1 Konerko
    2 Soriano
    3 Crede
    ss Renteria
    OF- Manny
    OF- Berkman
    OF- Paterson
    UTL- Hafner
    BNCH- Gomes
    DL- Ensberg

    Josh Johnson


    12 Head To Head League

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