I am interested in starting a keeper league for money on ESPN and I am looking for other people who might be interested as well. I currently have four people that I know interested in joining the league. ESPN allows 4 to 20 teams to join a keeper league, which are all free on ESPN to join. I have found free leagues to be boring because a lot of people don't really care about those leagues and have not found a site the gives out good prizes for keeper leagues. If anyone knows of any, please let me know.

Money to join would be paid via paypal to join the league and the payout for the winner, or winners (if the people who join vote to payout just to first place, or first and second place, or first, second and third, etc.) would then also be paid on paypal. I am thinking each team will cost $50 or $100 dollars depending on what everyone agrees to and each team retaining 5 players each year in a standard head to head scoring league. I am trying to get at least ten people in the league. If anyone is interested in joining, please leave me a message here or email me at baseballplayaof1@aol.com.