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    Major League Draft Rounds

    The major league draft is 40 rounds including the sandwich picks. I've heard a discussion about this before and wanted to see what peoples thoughts were.

    Do you think they should reduce the major league draft to 20-25 rounds?

    My reasoning is that so many players decide to enter professional ball instead of giving college a chance because they are given that opportunity to play for a major league farm team. Statistically they are at a low % of making the show. So instead of taking a college scholarship/free ride they choose pro ball.

    If they were not drafted they would have gone on to a jr college or 4 year and possibly gotten a degree or learned a skill.

    Now, I know not all players decide to go pro because they feel they can get a higher signing bonus if they are drafted a year or 3 years later. But there are still a lot who are put in a situation where they can go play for a major league farm team and that influences there decision over college.

    I know a guy personally who was drafted in the 40th round out of high school and he decided to go pro. He lasted about 4 years in rookie and Low A ball. Had he taken a scholarship that was offered he would at least have a degree instead of now having to pay tuition cost out of pocket.

    Also, % wise most players drafted past a certain around never make it to the show.

    Just seems that the way the system is set up it almost steers a lot players in a direction where they are set up to fail.

    I wouldn't be so much opposed if only college players could be drafted after the 25th round. But I think it would be good to keep high school players or players from Jr College from getting drafted after X round due to the low % of success. Obviously a senior in college who is graduating has nothing to lose by giving pro ball a chance after school.


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    No, why reduce it? A ton of players don't sign and go to college.

    Hell, Kevin Siegrist is a valuable player, and he was drafted in the 41st round, Mike Piazza was the last pick of the draft.

    It's rare, but there is value in the later rounds

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    Btw, that was your buddies choice to do that. A lot of guys when drafted out of high school will try to negotiate the value of the scholarships being offered so that the team will pay for it after they finish.

    Just because you are drafted, doesn't mean you have to go pro.

    This is a good friend of mine.....he instead went to Baylor, and wasn't drafted again out of college....he is now a dentist.

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