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View Poll Results: Which prospect do you want on your team?

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  • Michael Stanton

    49 29.52%
  • Jesus Montero

    32 19.28%
  • Jason Heyward

    85 51.20%
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCityofDreams View Post
    As a 21 yr I'll give him a pass.
    all of them are 21 last i checked personally rather take stanton with his gg defense, arm, 21 hr power bat so far this year then montero's aaa stats
    "Joe Montana was a product of a system, Dan Marino was a system" -- Bill Walsh

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    id take stanton. it seems like every time he hits the ball, it goes 100 mph off the bat. plus, he looks like he has the potential to have GREAT power (50+).

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    Stanton right now then Heyward and Montero. Heyward just needs to fix his swing. And this is coming from a Braves fan. I think Stanton, Heyward, Goldschmidt and Harper will be the new big boys in the NL for a while once they reach full potential.

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    Never mind this topic was made along time ago didn't realize.

    I went with Stanton because i don't know how Montero is going to do in the Major's yet and Stanton is going to hit alot of HR's 30-50 range.
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