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    Remembering Luc Bourdon

    We're at the 1 year anniversary of the tragic loss of Luc Bourdon. May 29, 2008 will always be a sad day for the Canucks organization and their fans. Rest in Peace, Luc. You will always be missed. A definite 'what could have been' situation.

    "Me and Luc went through two seasons in Val D'Or. We had so much fun. Like after we played the World Juniors together and we won two gold medals together. We were playing together. We were roommates together. We share, like, everything together. He was a guy really funny. Like only close people could know really well Luc. He was a guy who always, like, stick up for you and always there for you." - Kris Letang, best friend and former teammate talking about his best memories of Luc
    Just wanted to create this thread in honor of Bourdon.

    Click Here to remember him.
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