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I think I know what will happen to Weller, but I'm not going to say it, of course. So only 4 more episodes? Damn...

Oh-for Rabueed. Good shows- Homicide: Life on the Street, Oz, Strangers With Candy, Bad Girls (a British show about women's prison.) Little Britain is another terrific show-a touch vulgar, but hilarious. Strangers is a comedy-an odd one.
You'll have to get all these at Netflix-they're all off the air now.
Thanks, Spurred, I'm gonna check into these.

BTW, if you guys are looking for a good show, too, I haven't watched an episode of it as of yet but i'm hearing amazing things about Breaking Bad. People are saying it trumps any drama series to ever air on TV. I'm gonna check it out soon, so I'll keep ya posted when I do.