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I'll take Griffin because he's a bull. For those that are saying he won't be able to do what he did in college, you've gotta understand, he'll still be beast like but it'll be tougher for him and he'll be beasting less often. His game isn't just going to disappear. He has top notch quickness, jumping ability, heart, work ethic. Not taking anything away from Beasley but I'm more of a Griffin guy.
Looking at the draft numbers Griffin is not faster than Beasley, Has a slight size advantage which is negated by his alligator arms and for all the hype about his athletic ability is .5 of an inch in difference when it comes to max vert. As for the so called attitude and work ethic misconception Beasley has been great here. And it seems like the Clippers are having thoughts about Griffin playing small forward for them