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Do I play basketball? ........Do you play basketball? Ok Kobe...

Before you get all defensive over your precision little Kobe, think un-homer and look at what just recently happened. I find it acceptable to get a little emotional to celebrate after hitting a shot, but screaming he can't guard me 4-5 times to the guys face is personal. Luckily it's Battier, and if were a **** I'd say "Kobe wouldn't scream that if Artest were consistantly guarding him." What do people like you take this Kobe **** personally. I'm stating the ****ing truth. I saw an idiot screaming because he made a shot, that isn't right. Any unhomer Lakers fan, or any other poster on this site would agree with me about how Lebron is a better on court person.
Relax BIG ERIC don't get all "I hate KOBE" on me just relax also note to self nobody uses homer or un-homer ok I know your excited to be letting the world know how much you hate Kobe but you need to face the facts there both a**holes. Now that we have that behind us and you have finished watching MTV Cribs and The Hills lets move on to a real debate. I know you think its funny when Lebron throws up the ROC sign when he scores and all the other bulls**t he does but really Lebron may be better or worse but he dont have a ring just yet.