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1. Location-
2. Favorite 49ers player-
3. Favorite former 49ers player-
4. reason you like the 49ers-
5. other teams and players you like-

1. location- Selma, California
2. Favorite 49ers player- Patrick Willis
3. Favorite former 49ers player- Merton Hanks
4. Reason I like the 49ers- because they are awesome
5. Other teams I like: Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco Giants, Anaheim Ducks
Favorite non 49er athletes: Kobe Bryant, Tim Lincecum, Dwight Howard, Eric Gordon

This thread is for The 49ers forum guest to sign up. Come in and make the 49ers forum more exciting and fun with your opinons and ideas. We promise we wont bite. not too hard anyways
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