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I don't like Penny. But it is only April. And what did we expect out of Penny anyways? 4 pitchers can't win 20 games on the same roster. They could.. but yeah last time that happened?????

It's like the boys said. If he keeps us in games and gives us a chance to win until Smoltz comes back, than good enough Penny. Thanks buddy. LoL like man.. he ain't going to win 20 games. He's penciled in at the 4 or 5 spot anyways.

Buchholz isn't up and Penny still is incase exactly what happened to Clay happened or happens again this year. Clay exceeded too fast with his no hitter. The kid is young, you need to protect him in the minors but only for a certain amount of time. Every young kid is different. And confidence is the biggest thing I think a young kid will need. He won't get it if he wins a game or two in the bigs, then gets rocked for his next 2.

Give Clay time and don't expect 15-20 wins out of a number 4 or 5 starter. Even though I don't like Penny.
The O's in 1971? Bags, pavelb1...you're the stats guys...is that it?