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    National Sales Tax?

    Honestly filling out your taxes should be one one page. I feel a national sales or consumption tax would be so efficient, I guess that is why the government doesn't do it.

    I would have a 0 income tax

    Perhaps a 10% state sales tax and a 18% nationals sales tax.

    I would also incorporate a more progressive tax for capital gains and Dividend taxes.

    No loop holes here. Paris Hilton buys her dog a 100,000 dollar collar... well it is taxed. A consumption tax is flat, but progressive by nature in the sense you buy more **** when you have more money.

    Literally one page to fill out your taxes. Name and all that info, Capital Gains and Dividend income made, any charitable donations. Signature.

    Bam done, you owe this, or we owe you that. So simple.

    Anyone else think it will ever happen, people have talked about it for a long time, but nothing. Thoughts?
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    Care to work out the math on that!

    Proposing things like that is fine...until you find people finding loopholes by doing things such as making all purchases overseas and avoiding a reasonable ability to manage trade.

    Tl;dr - it won't work being simple while providing things like roads.

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    The problem is that the variable income tax is supposed to increase as your income increases.

    It is capped below $500k. Someone making 500k pays the same rate as someone making 500m. The person making 500m actually would have a lower overall tax rate than the person making 500k because of their ability to take advantage of more loopholes.

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