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    Blue Jackets claim veteran Gratton

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    He looked great in his debut against the Oilers last night. I didn't know much about him but he looms large as a centerman. He was part of a Murray-Dorsett line that just punished Edmonton, dominating the boards and wearing them down physically.

    It'll be interesting if he stays in the 3rd/4th lines (which ideally get about 10:00 a night in Hitch's system) or if he gets a chance to displace Williams or Malhotra in the top two lines...

    Also, heard that 4 teams put in a waiver claim on him, but the Jackets had first rights. What was Tampa thinking when they sent him down? That's a trade option, not a player you waive! Glad Howson actually seems to know what he's doing.
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    Yeah I like him

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