If you were part of Tuesday Feb 16 draft, then you know what I'm talking about.

The reason we had that problem was because we had Manny and Hudson as not ready to draft, apparently there's a bug that should be fixed in the next coupe of days.

Anyways, I don't think we can delete the league and I know some of you will say if you didn't draft your player then you want no part of the league, but maybe we can still make it work, maybe we can work around that, by doing a slow draft.

We start a thread here on PSD and start drafting our players from the 5th round. We would all keep our player that we drafted, so I would I have Braun, Santana, B. Philips and Ichiro.

After we finish the draft, then we would drop all the players that we did not draft and have MFO assign each player that we drafted via the slow draft to each specific team.

Its going to take a lot of dedication, but its going to be a shame to have a dead league especially considering that some of the owners will not be part of the ESPN league.