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    It really depends on how you look at bi-partisanship and post-partisanship.

    I don't think anybody is really asking Republicans to cross-over and adopt blue as their favorite color. But, the fact that they're being as obstructionist as they are is a little disheartening.

    It's very obviously politically motivated for 2010/12. Portions of the bill were hacked and marred -- transit and state aid, for example -- and it was utterly politically motivated. It was a chance to stake a claim to a piece of legislation (or opposition thereof) so that when election season rolls around those that are running can say "look, we are conservative. We voted 'no' on the biggest piece of legislative spending ever!" But, they still get the stim passed, aid to their respective states/districts, and the opportunity for success.

    The ace in the hole for us is -- Republicans just voted 'no' on tax relief.
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    ^You got the right idea Citrus.

    What do the Republicans get by supporting Obama and the Democrats on this one?

    1) They lose even more conservative street cred. You can't pass the largest spending bill in history and still claim to be fiscally conservative.

    2) All the credit for the successes of the bill will be given to Obama...and if the bill fails, you can't claim to have opposed it....because you didn't.

    The only logical choice for the Republicans is to stand against it, and try to regain some of their lost conservative "street cred" on matters of spending.

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    ^^^ That's true.

    And just as frustrating as it was for the GOP to watch the Dems oppose nearly every thing in Iraq and make daily pronouncements of our impending doom, and as annoying as it was to watch them stand in the way of any Social Security reform progess, you'll have to watch the GOP play minority party politics.
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