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    Quote Originally Posted by gcoll View Post
    The only thing that I get annoyed by in this whole thing, is the "Be bipartisan!!" stuff directed at the Republicans. It's a two way street, and the democrats didn't let them in on this one. Why should they just take that? "Bipartisanship" to me means working together, not simply voting together.
    So Obama didn't create the original bill with massive tax cuts (that pretty much no Democrats wanted in there except the Blue Dogs) in an effort to extend an olive branch (not just symbolically, but with legislative substance) to Republicans and show them he was willing to meet them halfway? And he didn't go further out of his way than even Bush to reach out to congressional Republicans by personally going to the Hill to meet with them and talk about whay they might be able to accomplish together? And they, in turn, did not (after making a few fake-nice platitudes about Obama to the press) pretty much tell him not to let the door hit him in the *** on his way out?

    Hm. Maybe I missed something.

    (And don't even get me started about Gregg - what a joke that was).

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    All of that does not negate the fact that they were completely left out of the process. Not allowed to offer amendments, not allowed to offer an alternative bill, not allowed into the meetings, not included in the writing of the bill.

    And once more. What did the Republicans have to gain from voting for it? Nothing. All they do is further damage their reputation with conservatives. If the bill goes well, they wouldn't get to share in the credit. If the bill goes poorly they wouldn't be able to claim to have an alternative, or to have opposed it.

    But if I have this right....the Republicans should have green lit the bill because it had tax cuts in it, and Obama met with them. Is that the gist?

    And don't even get me started about Gregg - what a joke that was
    The only thing that interests me about that story is the census. Why'd they change that? It seems odd.
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