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    Let the KIDS play!!

    Ok, I know we have the playoff streak and all but we also have a new stadium being built that we need to go in with new enthusiasm and excitement. So, with Pavel leaving and us having to eat that contract, why not just go full bore remake? I would rather see the kids (Mantha, Betuzzi, AA, etc...) play and get experience next year then to see us limp in and lose in the first round of the playoffs. Get it started now and get ready for free agency 2017 to fill in with the vets we need to go along with the young guys. Leave the aging vets with big contracts (Zett, Kronwell, Howard, etc..) exposed for the expansion draft, take whatever you can get for the other vets (Ericcson, Howard, Green) , and more than anything don't sign Miller/Helm to new contracts. That all stunts the growth of our young guys. Lets get set for the new stadium rather than keep limping along without a so called "rebuild".

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    Bringing players to the NHL before they're ready can stunt their growth as well. Food for thought.

    I expect AA and Mantha to make the team regardless, more than half our team will be 27 or younger.
    XO/Sproul no longer clear waivers.

    Lil Bert isn't ready for the NHL yet - hopefully he and Svech will be soon.

    Plenty to build around on this team they just have to get it done.
    And you're suggesting just trading away big E and Howard like it's some easy feat to get futures from them.
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    Andreas Athanasiou

    aiiight boyee let's get spicy 1...2...3.... LET'S HAVE FUN


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    I have been on board the idea of rebuilding for a while but the more I think about it the less it seems to work in my head. A rebuild is hard to pull off when you don't really have many desirable veterans to move, Tats and Gus aside. The only way one of those two get moved imo is in a package for a guy like Shattenkirk; you probably won't get too much in terms of young players for them back especially Tatar since he is due for contract extension soon. Howard will probably be traded but the value we get back won't be substantial. I would do dirty things to see Ericsson traded but that's not happening. Nobody in their right mind wants him, unless he gets claimed by the LV team to meet the cap floor (god I wish ). As Zeke pointed out too that the majority of guys are young, what the team is missing now is elite talent. We have a bunch of decent-good guys but none great (Larkin, Mantha, Mrazek have that great potential).

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    Well rebuilds do work if done right so I don't believe that. Detroit's originally rebuilded to start this 25 year streak, Pit rebuilt to start their streak, and Chicago for theirs and so on. So rebuilds work thats not the questions.

    But as Eze pointed out were already a pretty young team. 13-14 of our 23 roster players will be below 27 which is usually the start of a players "prime" years. He also missed players like Nosek who may be on the team next year as well. Just because we have some older player mixed in there isn't a bad thing at all. I am all for shedding Howard, I wouldn't mind if we shed E but maybe if we can make a deal for someone who can be a top pairing with Kronwall or DDK whoever it is, E can take a Quincey type role and excel at not being a go to top pairing guy like he is now, so I am not ready to fully give up on E. I don't re-sign Helm, but I give Miller a 1-2 year deal. I think Smith has some value and wouldn't mine shedding him to make room for XO on a nightly basis and for Sproul to at least not get exposed to waivers.

    I would be fine risking the streak and not doing much of anything in terms of FA signings or big trades this summer. Unless we have a legitimate shot at Stamkos, or a fair trade for Shattenkirk, I am fine with us doing nothing rolling the dice on our young kids stepping up and just riding out the year. I don't think we should really go after a Lucic or Brouwer they aren't the pieces that will send us over the edge.

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