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    Feb 2010
    Janesville, WI
    Quote Originally Posted by DKguy View Post
    1 Esbjerg, Denmark

    2 Woodson

    4 Since my visit in GB back in 2006

    5 - I’ve been following the debate in here for some time, and just thought I would check in. Learned a lot about football and Packers by reading your posts, it keeps me updated on Packers news and so on! Time to give something back! :-)
    That's awesome. I've had the pleasure of going to Denmark! Even got to go to Tivoli!


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    Mar 2012
    1 - Location: Dallas Texas

    2 - Favorite Current Packer: Matthews/ Rodgers

    3 - Favorite Former Packer: Favre

    4 - How long have you been a Packer backer: Mid 90's

    5 - Anything else you'd like us to know: Work with nothing but Cowboy Fans(poor me)…Been to a few road games Tampa, New Orleans and saw Rodgers First Touchdown pass at Texas Stadium.

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    Apr 2006
    I don't know if I ever did this or not ...

    1 - Location: Hudson, WI

    2 - Favorite Current Packers: Rodgers - Matthews - Jennings - Jordy - Driver - Raji

    3 - Favorite Former Packers: Bryce Paup - Sterling Sharpe - Brett Favre - Reggie White - LeRoy Butler - Antonio Freeman

    4 - How long have you been a Packer backer: My memories take me to 1990 - 6 yrs old

    5 - Anything else you'd like us to know: I've lived on the border of Wisconsin/Minnesota my whole life. Therefore, I'm a die hard Packers fan and dispise the Vikings. Brett Favre really let me down when he went to the Purple side. I still cheered for him when he was a Jet but since the day he got picked up for Childress, the tide turned. I am very disappointed in his lack of support for the Packers as well. And even bigger yet, his disrespect for Aaron Rodgers. Oh yeah, I'm married to a Vikings fan as well. But she hasn't been to Lambeau yet

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    Mar 2012
    1. Location - Sunny Arizona

    2. Favorite current Packer - Desmond Bishop/Randall Cobb

    3. Favorite former Packer - William Henderson (most underrated player ever)

    4. How long have you been a Packer Backer - Since birth 1986

    5. Anything else you would like us to know? I stand in a long line of Packer
    fans, families roots lay within the city of GB since early 1900s

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    Jul 2007
    KAF Afghanistan
    1. Location - Saint Johns, Florida (Born in Brew City)

    2. Favorite current Packer - A-Rod/Starks (I hate to say it, but I was a big Chuck Foreman #44 fan. It was my dream to spin like him coming out of tyhe backfield.)

    3. Favorite former Packer - James Lofton/Lynn Dickey

    4. How long have you been a Packer Backer - 1973 @ the age of 5

    5. Anything else you would like us to know? I grew up watching the Packers with my dad and the channel did not change until the game was over. No matter how many points we were down. Oh yeah, I am retiring from the Army after serving 24 years on 1 Jun 12. HOOOOAAHHH!!

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    Feb 2009
    1. Central Coast, California
    2. Aaron Rodgers / Clay Matthews
    3. F#*& Brett Favre!!!
    4. My entire life
    5. Packers will be Superbowl champs again next season!!!


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    May 2012
    1 - Location: Chicago, IL
    2 - Favorite Current Packer: Charles Woodson, Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings, John Kuhn
    3 - Favorite Former Packer: Nick Collins!
    4 - How long have you been a Packer backer: Since the first day of my life
    Last edited by Frozenred; 05-12-2012 at 03:59 PM.

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    Jun 2009
    Madison Wisconsin

    Rodgers, Donnie D., Jarrett Bush,

    Reggie, Darth Favre

    When I was ten I jumped in front of Walter Peyton's scooter to get his autograph.(1984)

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    Nov 2010
    you know i don't think i ever did this so I suppose I will give it a go.

    1. Eldon, Iowa
    2. Matthews, Rodgers, Nelson, Raji, Bulaga
    3. Pretty much everyone on the 2 1990's super bowl teams lol
    4. all my life. i have family that lives about an hour south of green bay and beings that I was always around packer fans it made since to be a packer fan.
    5. some of you guys do know this, I travel to green bay every year for the training camps. I have gotten several autographs and I end up taking like hundreds of pics.

    RIP Gene Wilder

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    Dec 2010
    Augusta GA
    1. Location: Augusta GA
    2. Favorite Current Packers: Rodgers, Matthews, Woodson
    3. Favorite Former packers: Bart Starr, Reggie White
    4. How long a Packer Backer: Dec 1965
    5. I was born and raised in northwest Illinois. The first NFL game I ever saw on TV the Packers beat the Browns for the championship, so I figured this team was worth following. Followed my job to South Carolina, Texas, then Georgia in the 90's and really enjoy shooting down people who tell me I should root for one of the local teams. They really hate it when I ask how many championships that team has won.

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    Jan 2009
    Welcome!! Post often!

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    Mar 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by socalpkrbkr View Post
    Welcome guests. Whether this is your first visit or your hundredth visit. Join the discussion and sign up today. REGISTER HERE and lets talk some Packers football! You can introduce yourself to the forum here and give us some info about yourself if you'd like.

    1 - Location:
    2 - Favorite Current Packer:
    3 - Favorite Former Packer:
    4 - How long have you been a Packer backer:
    5 - Anything else you'd like us to know:

    All the regulars can fill this out too!

    and again, welcome to the Packers forum, we hope you stay active and have a great time!

    1 - Location: Southern California
    2 - Favorite Current Packers: Charles Woodson/Donald Driver
    3 - Favorite Former Packers: Brett Favre/Reggie White
    4 - How long have you been a Packer backer: over 25 years
    5 - Anything else you'd like us to know: Go Pack!
    Hartford, WI
    Gotta be Raji
    Ahman Green
    Probably since I was 5.. I liked the Bengals before that.. I don't know why
    I'm really excited for our rookies on defense!

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    Jan 2009

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    Jun 2012
    Lake Mills, WI
    Location: Lake Mills, WI
    2 - Favorite Current Packers: Rodgers, Driver, Woodson, Raji
    3 - Favorite former Packer: Favre
    4 - How long have you been a Packer backer: 20 years
    5 - Anything else you'd like us to know: WI sports are the best!

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    Jun 2010
    Tucson, Arizona
    Welcome! And as norm likes to say, post often!

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