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    Nikita Filatov did not skate with the Blue Jackets for the last four days

    Nikita Filatov did not skate with the Blue Jackets for the last four days before the All Star break due to a sore left leg.
    Filatov talked with the Blue Jackets medical staff, seeking the best treatment for the injured leg. The Blue Jackets hope that Filatov is well enough to play in the AHL All Star game on Monday. It is possble that Filatov still may be sent back to Syracuse of the AHL once he is healthy. Stay tuned.

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    Yeah, I'm conflicted about this story. On one hand, the team is saying that he's been having knee problems. They gave him an MRI, and it came back negative. It seems like they're being careful with a possibly great young player.

    On the OTHER hand, he's played 8 games, and the first year of his contract sets in after 10 games... All of the 4 injured Blue Jackets forwards are set to come back after the break and he's prolly gonna get sent to the minors because Hitchcock doesn't trust young players, (especially ones who could be described as soft, or at least finesse players like Filatov).

    It's the logical conclusion that if he would have played in those three games he was held out of before the break, they would have been his last games with the club this season if we get our guys back and they stay healthy. He would have finished the year with 11 games, and become a free agent one year sooner. He's not going to get playing time with Williams here and Murray, Chimera, Huselius and Nash returning to health. My opinion is they cried injury, sat him those games, and then will send him down to Syracuse when everyone gets back and we won't see him till next year.
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