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View Poll Results: Should Kurt Warner make the HOF?

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    40 86.96%
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    6 13.04%
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    Get the hell out, Kurt Warner is not a HoF QB. He's 1-2 in Superbowls, and has spent time as a backup during years that should have been his prime. He's been lucky to play with some great offenses, and had a lot of talent around him. He was never the best QB in the league, and never will be. If Kurt Warner makes the HoF, its a freaking joke.

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    he's number 3 all time in passer rating, he's in the top 25 for passing yards in a career, he has two NFL MVP's led two different teams to the super bowl, thrown for over 4,000 yards 3 times and 3,000 yards 6 times, top 25 for passing TD's in a career...i think he should get in
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    I didn't want to throw this information out here. I was a 3 year varsity starter at QB in high school. I played quarterback in junior college as well. I was considering playing division 1 football as well but chose to pursue my career in business instead. However, currently I am helping train with Derek Carr from Fresno State get ready for his pro day and the draft. I am also working with Cody Kessler, the USC quarterback.

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    I say no He's never had to carry a team never had to be that guy, He was a Good QB who deserves praise for his place in NFL history but compared to guys like Elway, Staubach and Unitas he had the benefit of a probowl WR and RB and line where ever he went outside of NY when he doesn't have those amenities he becomes very average
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    I'd put him in on his story partly. I know the HoF isn't about how a guy go into the league, but he was just an absolutley amazing story. Having the success he had to go with that I'd say you have to put him in. He didn't bread any records and didn't have a ton of great years, but he had a huge impact on the game and was apart of one of the greatest offenses of all time. I'd say put him in. Maybe not first ballot, but he should be in eventually

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    I think he will get in personally just for his story and if I had a vote I would give it to him as well but I can see why people would argue this he was pretty terrile at times but just bringing the lowly Cardinals to within a defense stop of a Superbowl should get him in there. Time will tell though he is interesting he did manage to crack the top 100 players of all time

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