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    Quote Originally Posted by Shieldsz View Post
    I think Bush blew, but no matter the president, I do not feel anyone else could have looked "good" if put in his term.

    He had to deal with 9-11 and much more, not to mention this falling economy during the end. I doubt anyone would have handled it so much better that people would have viewed them as a great president. Just my stand.
    Had his administration not tried so vehemently to devalue the dollar to boost corporate profits, we might not be in such poor economic shape. His team got way too optimistic with the bits of good economic news we were getting and then got overzealous in blowing our gains in the form of tax cuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomno00 View Post
    while i dont think bush was a particular good president, i think the media..and the entertainment world in general.. had a lot to do with that poor rating. i dont think anyone can deny that. Bush was pretty much a human punching bag. Anything done wrong or anything done stupidly by anyone could somehow be traced back to bush. It is going to be interesting watching the news now. I think the media will miss bush.
    The media will never run out of things to bash in Washington, unless by eliminating Bush you get rid of all the corruption (haha), stupidity (x2), and everything else (x3).
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    That's true but the only good thing to come out of this is we can finally write down Bush's name on a piece of paper, write down his final approval rating, crumple it up, then flush it down the toilet.

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    Alot fearful people with alot guns.
    Please no more Bush threads. We keep going around and around on him. Some blame him for everything and others blame everybody else for his bad rating or presidency.
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