1. Location:
Des Moines Iowa

2. Favorite College Team:
Iowa Hawkeyes

3. Favorite Current Player:
The next guy getting the first down, the td, the field goal, the tackle, the sack, the fumble, or the pick

4. Favorite All-time Player:
Man so many to choose from. Merton Hanks, Dallas Clark, Bob Sanders, Matt Roth, Chad Greenway, Abdul Hodge, Brad Banks, Ronnie Harmon, Chuck Long, Robert Gallery, Ed Hinkle, Tavian Banks, Khalil Hill, Big Ladell Betts, Tim "TD" Dwight, Drew Tate and WArren Holloway for the catch against LSU.

5. What other teams in CFB you root for?:
There are no other teams

6. Other sports you enjoy?
What other sporting teams do you root for?: Hockey, soccer, baseball. I like the Red Sox, Bruins, Minnesota Wild. Big fan of Czech Republic soccer.

7. Additional information can be said here:
My wife posts here too. Smthblucitrus. I'm pretty sure she posts in here about the Hawks. She's also an Irish fan, so I think she's obviously a little evil.