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    Pac-12 cutting back on late start times

    As someone who has to work most Saturdays (and on five Saturdays I work until 10-11 pm EST) I absolutely loved the Pac-12 after dark, and was going to cement myself as a fan of a team this year. Hopefully we still get some quality games still.

    The Pac-12 After Dark we've come to know and love is going to be Pac-12 afternoon a little more often in the 2016 season.

    As part of the conference's end of the year board meeting, the Pac-12 announced it will reduce the number of late night starts on the Pac-12 Network in 2016. The conference has modified its television agreement with ESPN and Fox to allow games on the Pac-12 Network to overlap and begin at 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. PT. According to the release, this could reduce the number of late night starts (after 7 p.m. PT) by up to four for 2016.

    "The Pac-12 has some of the most loyal fans in college athletics and we appreciate our television partners working with us on this important issue for fans," said Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens. "The increased exposure and revenue from our contracts with ESPN and FOX Sports have been instrumental to our success, but we continue to work hard to minimize as much as possible the negative impact late start times have on our fans who travel great distances to see our teams in person."

    For the hardcore college football viewer that learned to love those late kickoffs that often continued into the wee hours of the morning on the east coast, it's a bit bittersweet because they provided so much late night entertainment. However, the motive for the conference is understandable. Earlier kickoffs allow for the potential for more eyeballs nationally -- east coast bias has long been a concern for Pac-12 teams in voting for both polls and awards -- and, as Mullens noted in his statement, allow for more flexibility in travel for visiting teams and fans.

    Pac-12 After Dark isn't going away totally, but we will now have some weeks where the Power Five conference slate ends before midnight on the east coast. We'll just have to adjust and get our late night college football fix from the Mountain West by way of the dulcet sounds of Robert Kekaula on the ultra late night Hawaii broadcasts.

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    Kind of surprising, honestly.
    After week 1 2015:
    Quote Originally Posted by lol, please View Post
    Its debatable within our fan base just how much Kaepernick's improved, and if it will be sustained or not, but what no one has had the nerve to say is that he hasn't improved at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    He isn't improved at all

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    It's nice for me to wake to Michigan playing at 12, whatever the mid-afternoon game is, primetime and then a Pac-12 game late. I do nothing else on the CFB Saturday anyway so the late games never bothered me. For the fans of those teams though that don't live on the WC I can understand why some might not like the late start.

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