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    The Floodgates Open for the Sabres in the '70's

    In '75-'76, Gilbert Perreault had 113 points, 44 of these were goals. Sounds good, eh?

    In the same season:

    Danny Gare had 50 goals.
    Rick Martin had 49 goals.
    Rene Robert had 35 goals.

    In all, the Blue and Gold racked up 339 goals that year, which is amazing in itself, until you consider the team record 354 goals that they scored in '74-'75.

    The scoring is even more impressive:

    Rick Martin had 52 goals.
    Rene Robert had 40 goals.
    Gilbert Perreault had 39 goals.
    Don Luce had 33 goals.
    Danny Gare had 31 goals.
    Rick Dudley had 31 goals.

    Jim Lorentz had 25 goals. And then the "curse" happened.

    It just wan't meant to be... while the Sabres failed against the hated Flyers, at least they did kill at least one flying rodent.
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