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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewersin08 View Post
    I defy you to find? What the ****? Anyways: -They seem to think he is.

    Nearly everyone in my class said they were going to vote for Obama. One of my friends said he was going to vote for him because he's black, so that makes him cool. Alot of people voted for the man on empty promises of "change", and had no clue what his political stances were. And don't say NBC wasn't a swaying factor. Especially with all of their Sarah Palin parody ********.
    ok, the media got obama elected, uh-huh

    get over it. that was a modern day blowout 53-46 is not close. 365 EV's. NBC is not that powerful, neither is Foxnews (obviously). and if the sarah palin parodying was so detrimental, shouldn't she not have gone on snl?

    It sounds like your pretty young and surrounded by a lot of people who are immature and uninformed. there is this aspect in every voting demographic. neither party has the market cornered in ignorance. ONe party has the market cornered on the centrist voter, that's the difference, as always.

    look at things objectively instead of so emotionally due to you not liking the outcome and these logical realizations become more clear.
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