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    Where to get tickets

    Hey guys, havent been on here in a while, how are you all doin?

    soo, a family member and some friends are in NY and i convinced at least 2 of em to go to a Nets game, so they wanna go to the game against the Mavs tomorrow. theyre staying somewhere in Manhattan, and are facing some problems: their english is not the best, they have no idea of NBA arenas and still need tickets. From what i understand they wanna stay under the 100 $ mark respectively for their tickets.
    Since im in europe, i cant do much to help em, nor do i have any idea of the pricing.
    so i figured you guys could help them maybe:
    1. Is there a need to get the tickets beforehand or should they not worry and just get the tickets when actually going to the game?
    2. if they should rather get the tickets beforehand, do they have to get the tickets in the barclays or are there other trustworthy places to get some in Manhattan near their hotel?
    3. What would be good seats to get in that price range and which seats should they rather avoid?

    thx from overseas

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    hey they can get their tickets at stubhub. usually the closer u wait to game time the cheaper tix will be. you can def get good seats for 100 each or even 100 for both(if 100 for both most likely in the upper level). as soon as u purchase you can download tickets and you can just print them and head to the game. should be a quick and easy transaction

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